Data or Business Intelligence?

Last week I spoke with a newly hired staffing firm sales person that was tasked with finding new clients for his company.  Fortunately, he did have previous staffing experience which gave him a general idea as to where he should begin his search.  Through our discussion we talked about the many ways Avionté Staffing Software could assist him.  We reviewed the data he was looking for and how he could easily pull it out of the system and capture it into a personalized report to work from.  So often, the information is at our fingertips, but we don’t know how to move it from being just data into usable business intelligence.  In his case we wanted to look at all the past jobs from applicants in a specific employment category (healthcare) then capture their supervisors name, title, phone number and address.  By pulling this data he had a usable report that allowed him to quickly start working on his target list; rather than the unsuccessful shotgun approach.

Sales -Vs- Staffing Specialist

If you’ve spent any time in staffing, you understand the conflict staffing specialists and sales people have when it comes to sharing information.  In many cases they are using separate databases; leaving a huge communication gap between the two groups.  Sales people instinctively want to use a sales specific program, which is understandable as even many newer staffing software systems have not yet been able to fully meet the needs of both sales and service.   What often gets lost is the understanding of how the information that each party holds is critical to the success of the other.  The inability to seamlessly integrate and access information from both sides of the table can provide a significant increase in efficiency and business insight, resulting in greater profits.

Best of Both Worlds

With the above example, we see how the front end of Avionte Staffing Software was being used by the staffing specialist to input their candidate data, and then in turn the sales team leveraged that same information to assist in acquiring data on potential new clients.  Are you able to do the same with your current software?  If you are using Avionté you can!  Our team has years of experience not only with staffing technology software, but with actual staffing as well!  Let us help you review your current procedures and practices to find ways to be more productive and profitable in 2010.  We can assist in training your existing and current staff on best practices as well as help your sales staff to get the most out of your software.  We would also love to show you how to capture the specific data you are looking for to generate greater results.   Not using Avionte Staffing Software yet?  Call us to schedule a quick online demo to help you understand the unique functionality of our front and back office that works for your staffing specialist AND sales staff!

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