Do you know who you would contact if you received an order for twenty accounting temps Friday afternoon?  How about that one special applicant that you just don’t have a spot for, but want to keep ready for the right position?  How are you keeping track of your stellar candidates right now?  Are you keeping a mental note, maybe a file on your desk with the applications neatly tucked inside, or maybe you don’t even have a system right now.

Avionté has the solution for you: Favorites and Advance Search.

Favorites Folders:  Each user can create multiple folders within the system based on skill sets, requirements, availability and the list goes on and on.   By placing applicants within the Favorites folder, you can quickly access the right applicant for the right assignment.

Try it!  Do you currently have a Favorite Folder set up?

  • To set up your Favorite folder, click on Actions while in an employee record.  Just like Windows, you can right click on the main folder and add your new folder.
  • When that folder is highlighted, click on Save Items button.  Now your applicant/employee is in the folder and you can access it anytime!
  • You can also delete applicants/employees out of your folders when you no longer need them.
  • Want to add specifically qualified candidates to a Favorites folder, but don’t know who they are?  Simply run an Advance Search based on your parameters and in the Search Set-up screen, select Add to Favorites and follow the above steps.  This will save your search parameters and will update the list in real-time if anyone from the list no longer satisfies your parameters.
  • Favorites can be accessed at any time by clicking on the red preferences button located next to the Avionté button in the upper right corner of any screen and clicking on View My Favorites.

Advance Search:   Advance Search can be used with or without a job order.  Anytime you already have an order created, you can do an Advance Search and add Candidates to that order.  If you already have skills criteria set up (the best way!) you can run an Auto Match.  If you don’t have skills set up, choose the Advance Search function.  Decide which parameters you are going to search.  Once you have completed your search, you can add the selected candidates to your order right from the Advanced Search screen.

By using these two functions consistently, you will get a jump on your competition and have a cleaner desk!  Free your mind and your workspace by using the technology at your fingertips!

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