Many times the Tip of the Week ideas will come from conversations that I’ve had during the week.  I am of the opinion that if one person has a question, chances are several people are wondering the same thing!

Advanced Search – Cleaning Up

This week I spoke with a client who wanted to know about deleting old saved Advanced Searches in the system that are no longer valid.  We allow you to keep all the searches in your system should there be an occasion to go back and reference a particular search.  However, if you want to remove them you can write over them and rename them!

  • Open the search you want to change or rename.
  • Make any changes in search parameters, then type the new name in the    Select Search box.
  • When you click Save, a message will appear asking if you want to override the old search.  Choose Cancel to override the old search. (I would suggest using dates in the Search names when saving Searches, this will help to eliminate future confusion.)


What happens when you enter an employee twice or no longer want to see that particular employee?  Our Status feature allows you to place employees into categories of your choice.  Because you will always want to have some type of record of the action, we have designed the system so records cannot be deleted; however, you can keep them from your view.  Choose the employee you want to update , click on Edit Employee, and then choose the appropriate Status.  If you have a duplicate, choose the status to Delete on the record you do not want to use.   Now when you run your searches you can include or exclude Status parameters in the search option slide panel.

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