Counters are cool!  I think that some of our simplest features are the best for helping to increase daily productivity on a staffing desk.  I love that every day when you log into your personal Avionte desktop your counters are waiting to help you access what is most important to you!

Are you getting to most out of your Counters? Make sure your Counters are set up to see ONLY the information that you need.  If you don’t work in the back office or need to worry about past due invoices, remove those counters from your view.  To do this, click on Actions and View Counter List. Check off only the counters you want to see on a daily basis.  You can go in and change your counter list at anytime, this will only show up on your desktop; so don’t worry about messing up someone else’s view.

Arrival calls are important… each morning your counter has them waiting for you.  Simply click on My Arrival Calls to be instantly transported to that employees file and log the message.  Remember, your message will post in all the areas you select (assignment, order and employee will automatically come up).

Need to know what new job orders have just come in? Click on your Update Counters from your shortcut button (right click on any of these to change them) or from your Action menu.  Your system administrator can set up your view to see job orders from your branch only, or companywide.  This slick feature eliminates the need for extra communication via paper, e-mail or voice to notify others of a new order!  Allowing you more time to focus on filling the job!

We have over 20 counters available to help you keep on track and stay productive!  Take a few minutes and customize your counter list.. then start counting the hours you save and the dollars roll in as you become more productive and efficient.

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