No one can whistle a symphony, but they sure do sound great!

It’s undeniable that the team at Avionté Staffing Software is an incredible group of people.  They are hard working, dedicated and client focused.  But what I love most about our team is just that…it’s a TEAM. 

I could list example after example of how our staff has continued to go the extra mile, which I think I’ll start blogging about on a regular basis.  But here is a recent example of both a job well done and a reflection of our team environment.

Our corporate trainer Laura has been receiving 5 star reviews for her client trainings.  While we know she’s awesome, it’s great and much appreciated to hear it from the people who matter the most…our clients.   Here are examples from 2 separate clients, which came in this week.

“Our company is going through an exciting computer software conversion and we have selected Avionté as our partner! I had the pleasure of being trained on the Avionté product by Laura. Laura is an amazing trainer! She is patient, kind, and adjusts her training style to her audience. After four days of training, her energy and enthusiasm was consistent with the first hour of our four days. Laura is one of the best trainers I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and would highly recommend!” April 7, 2010.  Lisa Koll, Doherty Staffing Solutions

“Laura did a great job during our 4 days of Avionté training sessions. She is a very good teacher, very patient and clear with her students. Laura is professional, well prepared and very knowledgeable of her product. She has helped us out on several occasions since the training also.” April 5, 2010

After all the praise on a job well done and the flow of congrats & thank you emails from fellow employees, you might naturally expect Laura to puff her chest out a little, do a little gloating and maybe even ask for a raise.  Not even close…here is an abbreviated version of Laura’s response to it all. 

“While I am of course flattered by the attention and the recommendations from our clients, it truly is a team effort by those above and all of the Avionté team to ensure our collective and personal successes.  Thanks to all of you for being so wonderful to work with and making sure that our clients are taken care of in a variety of ways every day. Avionté!” Laura

Laura, you are a class act and Avionté can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to the company and fellow team members.

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