So far all of the tips have been geared toward front office users, so I thought it might be nice to have a back office tip.  I spoke with Brandon in tech support and asked him what one of the most common questions they fielded about the back office was.. paycheck corrections.  In a perfect world you wouldn’t need to void or reverse a check, but staffing isn’t perfect.  Following is a quick tip to help keep the process quick and let your software do the work for you.

Automating the Process

When Voiding and Reversing paychecks, there is an option for “Generate Original Pay Units”.  If this is checked, Avionté Staffing Software will automatically insert the same pay units that were used in the check that is being voided/reversed.

As you can see below, this will automate the process of reentering the units.  The newly created batch for those hours (2775 in this case) is still open so the user can make any necessary changes.


Once the user verifies and closes that new batch, they are ready to process the new check.  This significantly reduces the time needed to do reversals or voids in Avionté.

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