In staffing or any business for that matter you are always thinking about (or should be) how to make processes better, improve procedures, increase productivity and ultimately increase profits.  It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of “that’s how we have always done it” and continue doing it the same way.

Laura our Corporate Trainer, wrote a great article last week for our blog about taking time to learn something new.  Learning something new doesn’t have to require hours of training, but it does require that you commit to implementing it.  Hopefully you have taken the tips each week and implemented them!

This week I wanted to point out a couple of shortcuts that hopefully will save you some time and help you improve your 4 P’s.

Zip Code. In both the Employee and the Customer record you only need to enter the zip code and the city and state will both automatically populate.  If you are still manually entering in some of your applications this will save a bit of time and key strokes too.

Shortcut Keys.

F1 – Start Page
F2 – Employee Search
F3 – Customer Search
F4 – Order Search
F5 – DH Order Search
F6 – Contact Search
F7 – Advanced Search
F9 – QuickPlace (coming soon)
F11 – Branch Settings (Changing a branch will close all tabs and bring them back to start page

Dynamic Panels. These are the vertical and horizontal panels located throughout Avionté.  By right clicking on any panel you can personalize the information you want to see.  For example you can set up your screen so you can quickly see all your Shortcut Keys on the main screen and Past Jobs on your Employee Screen.  There are currently two tabs in each section; offering you lots of combination choices.

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