One of my very first tips was about using Avionté to reduce or eliminate the paper in your office.  I am hoping that many of you have taken the time to evaluate your paper use and look at options other than just hitting print!

Staffing can be a paper heavy industry… no doubt about that.  However, you don’t have to just accept it by continuing to create a file, stuff the paper in it and then file it away.  How about using our Document feature to keep all your Employee, Customer and Contact documents in one location?  You can virtually add any document to Avionté that you want, and not just the ones that you have an electronic version of.  Take a minute to think about the papers that are currently in your inbox, on your desk or in some random file.  Do they fall under any of the following categories?

  • Letter
  • Resume
  • Contract
  • Proposal
  • Reference Letter
  • Job Description

You can add these or any other categories by going into Admin Tools, ConfigChoice, System, Add New, CustomerDocumentType (if you are adding one for a Customer) then create your new dropdown choice. If you don’t have Admin rights, talk to your Administrator about the new drop downs you would like to see.  Remember.. all of these documents are searchable through Advanced Search.

Don’t have your documents in electronic format?  Scan them and then save into Documents.  Although scanning will take a few minutes depending on the size of the document, it is much quicker than filing and then searching for the file each time you need to review it.

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