It’s back office tip time!  Although the front office and back office have equally important jobs, the back office is ultimately responsible for cutting checks and making sure the invoices are processed correctly.   In addition, many of the back office functions also drive the reporting functions.  And as if that is not a job big enough on its own, throw in a few temps or customers that procrastinate on sending in timecards or providing information on additional items like mileage or bonuses.

Temps forget to turn in timecards.  Although we all often wonder why they don’t care about getting paid on time, it happens.  Next time you have a temp that turns in a late time card, don’t fret.  Right click on Sheet View , Copy Transaction and apply it to the previous week worked (or the proper week) so that it appears correct on the paycheck and the invoice.  Plus it will pull the correct numbers in for your reporting.

This same concept applies if you have a customer that calls after the fact and wants to pay mileage, bonus or other additional transaction.  But this time, you will choose whatever transaction that you want to use (bonus, mileage, ect) choose the proper accounting period, and then enter the units on Sheet View.

How many times do you have an employee turn in a time card after the assignment has already been closed?  Hopefully it doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen.  You don’t have to go back and change the end date to get it to pull into your Transactions for that pay period.  Simply click the Actions button on the homepage in Time Entry, select the Employee and Assignment and then the correct week worked.  When you click back into Sheet View you will now see that is it ready for you to enter hours!

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