I have written a good deal about evaluating your processes and procedures over the last few months.  I think this is something that as an owner, manager or even a staff member you should be doing on a regular basis.  I’m not talking about once or twice a year, but on a weekly basis.  The landscape of staffing is an ever changing one.  New challenges, problems and issues arise on a daily basis.  So sit back and take a few minutes to think about the following scenarios; what are your current processes and procedures and could you make them more efficient?

How much time are you spending between different software programs?  As Avionté users you should be spending the majority of your time within the Avionté program.  Take a minute to think about a process that you leave the software for.. could it be done in Avionté?  A few weeks ago I worked with a client that wanted to assign tasks to various staff members.  Instead of using their Outlook (like they had in the past) they started using the Message section.  This not only allowed them to task other users, but kept a record of it in the Customer/Employee/Order.

Reports – No need to create hodgepodge reports in Excel.   All the information you enter into Avionté can be pulled back out to create a report.  Our software comes with over 50 standard reports.  Chances are you will find the info you are looking for.  If not, let us know.  We can talk about creating a custom report for you.

E-mail Communication – By sending your e-mails through your Avionté system you are able to keep documentation of who, what and when.  Other users will also have access to seeing the same information in the message section.  Coming Soon!  Group and marketing management features.  This is a big new CRM enhancement.   You will now be able to put Employees, Contacts and Customers into groups and manage those groups.   From within the groups section, you can log messages, add or remove people from the group, create follow-up tasks and appointments, send mass emails and generate form letters.  This feature works in conjunction with Favorites.  This feature also allows users to send email without using Outlook.

DocumentsKeep all your documents within Avionté.

Resume GeneratorSupply your Customers with the information they need.

Maps– Use Show Map in Actions to auto populate information.

Web Portals– Are you still asking applicants to fill out paper applications?  Consider the resources for just one application?  The printing costs, wage/time of the person entering it, and then someone to file it.  How about timecards?  If you are not already using our portals to allow your Employees and Customers to manage online timecards.. now would be a good time to think about it.

Are there other functions that you or your staff is leaving your current software to do?  Shoot us a message, we would be happy to evaluate and let you know if you can save time and work more efficiently by incorporating the process within you staffing software.

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