I had a great discussion with a prospective user last week about searching for employee’s availability.  He wanted to be able to quickly see who was available to work specific days of the week or for specific shifts.  That part was easy enough; only he wanted to be able to do it out of each order and have the system automatically retrieve it for him.  But wait, one more thing.. every week (sometimes every day) the orders change (days and shifts) and the employee’s availability changed as well.

Does this sound familiar?  I’m sure that many of you have run into this same scenario.  How do you quickly gather information from your staffing software on an employee’s availability for specific orders several times a day without running a seperate search each time?

You could set up a couple of saved searches that allow you to run the information quickly and add those particular candidates to the order.  From the search you can also e-mail all of those candidates letting them know a new job is available and asking them to contact you if they are interested/available to work that specific day or shift.  Remember that your saved searches can also be shared with other users so they too can help you fill those orders.

I also suggested using the Skill section to keep track of when someone was available.  I know this is not a true “skill” but it will work quickly with Auto Match when you want to search on a specific order.  By making a skill category such as Availability, you can ask your applicants to check off the days/shifts they are available to work.  Then when you create the order to you can add the “skills” of the days/shifts to the order.  By clicking the Auto Match button you will return those who are available.  Even better, if you have an Employee Portal you can ask them to log in every so often and update their own availability under the Skills section.

The second solution seemed to be the one that would work best for this particular company since their employees call in every week to update their availability with the staff.  Currently they have approximately 200 employees calling in every week!  How much time do you think that will save for them to have their own temps update their availability “skills” online?  By my calculation I figure each employee probably takes roughly 3 minutes on the phone, multiplied by 200 that’s 600 minutes or 10 hours of someone’s time each week that can be allocated to something else!

Do you have a bottleneck you are currently dealing with?  Send me an e-mail or give me a call, I would love to help you find a solution that could potentially save you a few hours each week too!

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