CSP Owner’s Only Retreat 2010

by Jason Ortner

Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in the 2010 CSP Owner’s Only Retreat (OOR).  The event was held in a beautiful location tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Southern California.  I was told the weather in southern California is typically warm and dry, well this year brought more rain and cooler weather than anyone expected.  Perhaps the weather flew in with me from Minnesota. . .

The theme at this year’s retreat was The Dawning of CSP’s Age of Aquarius. . . And yes there was even a 60s themed party mixed in with all the other activities.

While preparing for my first ever OOR, I received many tips and expectations from Lynn Ebro and Judy Lawton, who are wonderful to work with.   The OOR environment is very relaxing and laid back but was filled with experienced speakers and knowledge sharing among participants.  Each Owner has the opportunity to contribute ideas and learn from fellow California staffing agency owners.

This year’s retreat featured two “pre-retreat” activities where members could either enjoy a day shopping at a local outlet center or prepare their poker face for an evening of Texas Hold’em hosted by Joe Mackey.  I tried my luck at the poker table with Joe and several other Owners; needless to say I didn’t walk away with the money.  I did however, come away with a night of great conversation and the opportunity to be around friends.  The retreat environment is truly about being with friends and banding together to make the CSP stronger in this challenging economic setting.  I would encourage all members to attend these events and other networking opportunities to informally mingle with fellow California Owners while learning from industry experts.

I enjoyed the entire weekend as it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with individuals I met during the CSP Conference earlier this year in addition to meeting many new people.  During the presentations, I learned a great deal of about the current California market and how they’re focused on making improvements for the good of the industry.  Since the OOR is such an intimate setting, as a vendor I was able to participate in all of activities allowing me to speak with many people and learn more about the local industry.

Overall, the OOR was a success for me (Avionté) as we were able to share our staffing software experiences with many great people.  Thank you to everyone who I had the pleasure of meeting with.  The Poker game, 60s party, and a night out at the casino will be memories never forgotten.

If I wasn’t able to meet or speak with you during the retreat and you are interested in learning more about our dynamic software, please contact me.  It would be my pleasure to share how Avionté can assist your business by increasing productivity and lowering operating costs.

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