By Laura Schmitz

Business process directly affects customer service, employee satisfaction and the bottom line.  Even slight changes in process can increase revenue and productivity, allowing you to do more with less.  Here’s a quick check list to see if you have some processes that you can adjust today to advance and enhance all of the above.

1.      How often is the recruiting staff touching paper applications or paperwork from applicants in general?

a.      If your answer is more than once, you could improve your process.  Consider the on-line job board and application that includes automatic candidate management functions to take away the pile of paperwork and attach it electronically to your applicant and soon to be employee files.

2.      Do you have written, simple procedures for each area your business?  Is it updated and available to your staff?  If questioned, would every staff member be able to tell you the process?  If you answered no to one or all of these questions, you need to improve your process.

3.      Does your back office staff require more than a day to process payroll and billing? If your answer is yes, you could improve your process.

a.      How many people are involved in these processes?

b.      How much paper is being used? If your toner bill has increased or stayed the same, the process could be adjusted.

c.      Could the front office do time entry, avoiding time needed to inquire about rates, hours and even whether or not someone is on assignment?  Only the front office knows this, why not have them put in the hours and have the back office take it from there?

d.      Does everyone have access to the reports they need?  Do an audit of all of your reports and ask your staff what would be helpful for them to have.

4.      When was the last time your business processes were reviewed? If it’s been more than a year, you should take a look.  Technology, your clients’ processes and your employees are changing at lightening fast speed, your process needs to be ahead of the game.

5.       Is the technology available being used appropriately or even at all by your staff?  Have you shadowed various departments to see how they use the system, offered any refresher training or asked them to assess their own processes?

6.      How many screens does your staff have to open on a daily basis to perform their job(s)?  If your answer is more than three, your staff might need some refresher training to increase their productivity.

7.      Does your staff have the ability to see current employees with unemployment claims to get them back to work? If not, consider turning on this counter for them and making a process for this.

Did you know the answers to all of the questions above?  This is an indication of how well your process is as well, if you don’t know, are you sure someone else does?  Make every dollar count without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction and increase revenue by investing time into process improvement.  If you need to change or adjust your processes but aren’t sure where to start or just want some outside perspective, give me a call or drop me an email at  You bought a program with all the bells and whistles; you might as well use it!

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