How are you currently communicating with your staff?  Do you send out e-mails to let them know what is happening?  How about your customers or even your employees?  Do you know we have a solution built right into the software for creating and sharing announcements for your internal staff, customers*, employees* and vendors* (if you are using the web portals*)?  You look at it every time you log into the system!  How about putting an encouraging message or a tip for new (or seasoned) users to better use their Avionté  software?  It’s easy to create a new Announcement in the Admin Tools.  Simple click on Announcement, then click New.  Go ahead, announce away!  Stuck for what to put in your Announcements?  Send me an e-mail and I will share a list of tips and motivational quotes that you can use.

Dynamic Panels

Since we are talking about what we can do on the Start Page.  Don’t forget about the Vertical and Horizontal panels.  This is a great way for each user to have the information they want to see where they want to see it.  Want to see a list of your Hot Keys on the Start Page?  Right click on anyone of the Vertical Panels and choose Hot Keys.  Want to see an Employee’s Past Jobs each time you look at the Summary?  Right click on a panel and choose Past Jobs.  Pretty easy right?  Check out the Vertical and Horizontal panels in the other areas too!

Admins do you want to change who can view what information in the Vertical/Horizontal panels?  Go to Admin Tools and click on Dynamic Panels.  You can then set User permissions.

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