Have you had a chance to explore all the new features of v2010? Our development team worked hard to deliver a new version filled with brand new features and updated ones too!  If you don’t have a copy of the new release documentation, send me an e-mail and I would be happy to share one with you.

Now, let’s talk about what the new Favorites feature can do for you.  First, you will notice that it’s no longer located on the top left (the preference button).  Favorites has its very own place at the Main Menu table.  The first change you will see is when you click on Favorites it will take you to the Home page allowing you to see all of your Favorite groups in one place and perform the same basic search functions that you can in other main tree categories.

Note that you can now see not only your own groups, but groups that have been shared with you.  After you have chooses a Favorite group you can:

-Edit Group – add or delete Employees, Contacts, Customers, etc.

-Mass Mail – Send out a mass mailer from a predesigned   template  or one you create

-Move/Copy Favorite Items

-Add Child – just like Departments in Customers you can build a group within a group

-New Message – post a message within that group

Just imagine all the different types of Favorite groups you can create.  I think about skill marketing groups and building a pipeline of top candidates.  How about creating a group for all your active employees that you can send out a Mass Mail letting them know your holiday pay day schedule?

The second part to Favorites is within the type of group (Employee, Customer, Contact, etc).  When you click on Favorites in the Sub Menu, you will see what group they belong to.  Now it’s easy to know what groups Employees, Contacts or Customers are associated with.

Adding to the Favorite group can still be done through the Actions menu or through Edit on the Favorites page.

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