During a training this week the group was talking about candidates and how to know where they were in the process i.e.: resume sent, interview, refused offer, etc.  Although most of us find ourselves in a candidate rich environment, it doesn’t mean that all the candidates are ones we would want to place on assignment.  More often than not, one candidate is a perfect fit for multiple positions; let the battle of the staffing specialist begin!

I thought back to my days of settling disputes between staff members of who “owned” a particular candidate.  Why did it have to be so difficult?  How did it get to the point of each staff member working with the same person for different positions?  In my case it was due to the fact that in order to see where a person was being considered you had to scroll through all their notes(a large collection of all sorts of information that could not be sorted).  There wasn’t one easy place to see all the candidate statuses for the order or for a particular employee/candidate.

Candidate In the sub menu of the Order, you will see the Candidate section.  Here you can add candidates to an order and update their status.  Your administrator can trigger a message to be added to their record each time their status changes.  Another User can quickly look at the order and see who is being considered and what stage of the process they are in.  This is a great tool for managers as well!

Need to know what orders a specific Employee is being considered on?  Choose Candidate in the Employee sub menu to view all the orders he/she has been a candidate on.  You can also click on Actions, Employee Candidate to see the same information.

Order Description Have you ever wished the Job Description box in Order was a little bigger?  Maybe you need to edit some information and would like to see more than a few lines of information?  Go to Detail in the sub menu of Order and double click on the job description box.  The box will open in a new window with a larger view.

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