Efficiently communicating with your employees is very important.  In Avionté, you can automatically email an employee’s start sheet to them upon assignment. The start sheet can automatically pull information from the system, including dress code, safety notes, and specific directions.

Step One: To automatically email the employee their start sheet upon assignment, go to Admin Tools > ConfigOption > select a Type of Supplier > select your staffing company > click on EmployerSetting > find the EmailAssignmentStartSheetOnNew property > set the property to True:

Step 1

Step Two: Make sure Dress Code and Safety Notes are set up in the Order Extra section by going to Admin Tools > ConfigChoice > Detail tab > check that under CustomerOrderExtra, Saftey Notes and Dress Code are values and that they are available for the appropriate branches:

Step 2

Step Three: Since Safety Notes is a newer feature, you will want to make sure that the Safety Notes has the correct System Name by going to Admin Tools > ConfigChoice > ChoiceProperty tab > select a Category of CustomerOrderExtra > scroll down to Safety Notes, the System Name should be SafetyNotes:

Step 3

Step Four: In the Customer record, go to the Extra screen, and select the Dress Code and Safety Notes from the Label drop down.  Enter any pertinent information in the Value field:

Step 4

Step Five: Type in any specific instructions in the Worksite Address that is used when creating Orders:

Step 5

Using a Worksite Address when creating an Order will also allow you to generate directions from the Employee’s address to the Worksite address.  You can generate directions from within the Assignment by going to Actions > Show Directions.  This will bring up a Google Maps search that you can then send to your employee.

Step 6: When an employee is assigned to a new Order, the system will ask you if you’d like to email the Start Sheet to the Employee – click Yes:

Step 6

If you have created an Order from a Customer with the Extras and Directions set up, then the start sheet will contain the information under the Job Information section:

Step 7

You can also display the Job Description, which will pull from the text box under the Job Title on the Detail screen of the Order:

Step 8

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