Global Cash Card is integrated with Avionté and provides a solution for paying employees with prepaid VISA, or MasterCard debit cards. Using Global Cash Card and Avionté can help cut the cost of printing live checks, and make the payroll processing easier by having all funds direct deposited.

There are two ways to use Global Cash Card in Avionté.

Load Global Cash Card

The load card functionality allows employees to receive their funds on their Global Cash Card as soon as payroll has been posted. When this option is selected from the Actions menu the system will prompt you to select the appropriate employees.

Global Cash Card through ACH

If you prefer, you may process Global Cash Card through the ACH. When using this method, navigate to: Employee > Payroll > Direct Deposit and change the Account Type from Global Cash Card to Pay Card once the account has been confirmed.

The Account Type, now labeled as Pay Card, triggers the system to incorporate the direct deposit information for Global Cash Card into the ACH file.

Note that Avionté is able to remove the additional step of changing the Account Type. If you would like to know more about this customization, please contact your Account Manager.

This content originally appeared the Avionté Tip of the Week email on August 22, 2014.

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