Are you confused about Paycheck Corrections?

There are three different types of corrections that need to be handled at a Paycheck level. These are: Void, Reissue and Reverse. You can determine which option to use based on the reason for the correction. Check out these frequently asked questions and the answers provided by our training team.


I found an error on a printed check before giving it to my employee. What should I do?

Void. If the check has been printed, but an error was found before giving it to the employee, you should void the check.

Example: An incorrect employee was paid

A printed check was given to my employee, but her purse was stolen. How do I handle this?

Reissue. If a new check is needed because the printed one was lost or destroyed while in the employee’s possession, you will need to reissue the check. The reissue will reprint the check and the system will automatically void the original check that was lost or destroyed.

Example: Employee washed the check that was in a jean pocket

I printed a check for the wrong employee. However, that employee has already cashed the check, how do I fix it?

Reverse. If an employee cashes a printed check which has errors e.g. incorrect amount was paid, or the wrong employee received payment, you must reverse the check. After processing the reversal you will need to process the transactions as they should have been, this corrects the system and creates an Advance Bank deduction on the employee record.

Example: Employee received payment for 40 hours but had only worked 30.

This content originally appeared in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on September 12, 2014.

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