A Referral Source Advanced Query (AQ) is the best way to see your referral information. The AQ can be run for either Employee or Customer.

  1. To run an AQ select Reports from the Avionte core application main tree.
  2. Select the Advanced Query category.
  3. From the list of titles, choose Referral Source.
  4. Select your query values and click the Run Query button.

Remember, your AQ is only as good as the data collected.

When running the AQ for Customer referrals the referral information is pulled from the Lead Info section in the Customer > Sales & Service screen. When running the AQ for Employee referrals the data is pulled from the Referral Source in the Employee > Extra screen.

Collect Referral Data from Employees

If you are not currently collecting the Employee referral information, you will need to perform some setup steps to begin gathering the data.

  1. Select Employee from the main tree and Extra from the sub tree.
  2. In the Label section select Referral Source from the drop down. The Extra category can also be used when applicants are on-boarded manually.
  3. Login to your admin portal
  4. Select Interview from the Menu bar.
  5. Add a question about referrals to the Interview section of your applicant portal.
  6. Set the related Config Choice to EmployeeExtra|Referral Source. The question will capture referral information which flows to the Extra category.

The AQ will show both those on assignment and those in applicant status.

This post was originally sent in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on September 26, 2014.

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