Back to the Basics! Often times we over complicate things, including software. Sticking with the basics is sometimes the best solution – like Basic Search.

Field Chooser. Take a few minutes to go into your Field Chooser. Select and deselect the fields you do or do not want to see. After you have created your own custom list, use the drag and drop option to order your columns. Each of the Basic Search categories has this option. Your search lists can also be exported to Excel or Printed (based on permissions). The search will hold your custom setup until you decide to change it.

More Cool Stuff. Because the search results are presented in a grid format, they can be sorted, filtered, and grouped.

  • Columns can be sorted by alphabetical order; simply click the column heading.
  • Multiple filters can be set at a time. The martini glass icon lets you filter your results.
  • Need to group information? To group by Branch, find the Branch column and drag the heading to the Grouping bar. Search results are grouped by their branch and you have instant stats at your fingertips!

Tip. Can’t find an employee, but you know they’re in the system? Check your search options slide out. You may be limiting your search with your selections.

Click here to see more details in Avionte Help.

This content originally appeared in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on May 3, 2015.

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