It’s that time again; have you changed or updated your Avionté portals lately?

Take some time this fall to make sure your portals are showing what you want them to.

  • Have you removed questions from pre-screen or interview? If you don’t want those screens to show, you’ll also need to take those pages out of view on your applicant portal.
  • Run through a test of your applicant portal and refresh your options, move pages and add or delete requirements to create a better user experience.
  • Make sure you are changing your Admin portal password from your default password.
  • Update your password(s) on a regular basis as an added security measure. But make sure to provide your password if you request help troubleshooting anything in your portal!
  • Use the announcements option on your Employee and Customer portals.
Tip of the Week

Introduce new features to employees or customers via announcements such as how to access pay or bill information, how to update information, or message with you via the portal.

Make the most of your portals and your staffing software solutions with Avionté!

This content originally appeared in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on September 28, 2015.

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