When Less is More

Avionté offers a large selection of reports; many are included, some are custom. When running a report, consider the data needed and request just the important information.

For example, let’s take a look at the Cash Receipts Report (image 1 below).

Note that several of the drop down menus include both (Select All) and All. When making this decision think about what data is really needed. The parameters you used will be shown in the header of the report.

If you choose (Select All), every branch/user you selected will be listed by name. If (All) is chosen, branches and users will not be listed in the header, saving characters.

image 1

image 1

image 2

image 2

Why is saving characters important?

Only 2500 characters can be passed to the stored procedure. The branch and users alone take up to 36 characters each, therefore if you choose (Select All) and have more than 70 branches/users, the report will not be able to include all of the branches/users you have selected.

This content originally appeared in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on October 19, 2015.



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