It’s simple to start the upgrade process with Avionté Staffing Software!

First, complete a ticket in the Avionté Support Center.

Request your Parallel Upgrade

1. Log in to the Avionté Support Center.

2. Select Submit A Ticket.

3. From the drop down choose:

I’d like to request a new modification in Avionté.


4. Please enter the subject using this format:

Your Company Name – Parallel Upgrade Request.

5. Select ticket type category of: Upgrade.

6. Select your environment, choosing either:

Hosted with Avionte or SelfHosted.


7. Your selection from the Environment drop down will trigger additional questions and drop down menus. Complete all of the displayed fields.

8. Select your preferred Go Live date. Keep in mind that your parallel will be available for testing in approximately 14 days.


9. The description should read:

Requesting Parallel upgrade to the latest version of 15.1.


10. Select Parallel from the type of upgrade drop down.


11. Click the Submit button when all of the fields are completed.

Preparation of your parallel may take a week or so. Submit your request accordingly. Your Client Manager will be notified and he/she will attach work sheets to the ticket for your parallel testing.

Request your Live Upgrade

After your parallel testing is complete, create another upgrade ticket replacing the word Parallel with Live. Attach your completed testing sheets to the Live upgrade ticket.

This content originally appeared in the Avionte Tip of the Week email on October 5, 2015.

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