Our goal, through the services of myHRcounsel, is to provide access to the most current legal information in real time, at an affordable, low monthly rate.

To learn more about this valuable service, we are hosting a webinar featuring Mark Young, President of myHRcounsel (former Avionté CFO).

During this webinar, we will provide an in-depth overview of the services offered and allow plenty of time for Q & A so that you can gain a better understanding of just how this service will work with your business.

Plus, all attendees who complete their registration by End of Day Monday, November 30th, AND participate in the webinar on Friday, December 4th, will be eligible to win an Avionté Swag bag!

Swag bags will be provided by random selection to 15 individual attendees and will include an Itunes gift card, Avionté mouse pad, and a variety of other goodies you’ll be glad to have!

This webinar will be held on Friday, December 4th at 1:00 pm, CST. Click here to register!

Just a few of the many services myHRcounsel offers include:

  • HR Management- such as Handbook review, modifications and regulatory compliance
  • Employment Law Compliance- such as I9 and ACA counsel
  • Employee On-boarding- such as employment agreements and interview policies
  • Employee Off-boarding- such as guidance on termination & non-compete enforcement
  • Related Legal and Business Issues- such as legal document review and redline contracts

Avionté staffing software clients are not only eligible for a discounted rate but also a guaranteed a two-hour response time.

Please join us if you can to learn more about myHRcounsel! If you are not available to participate in the webinar, please contact your Client Manager to sign up!

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