Need to create a follow-up ticket in Avionte, but don’t know how?

Normally a new ticket should be opened when a new issue is noted. However, if your issue persists or re-appears after the initial ticket has been marked as Solved use the follow-up feature.

This feature creates a new ticket while linking to the initial solved ticket, preserving the history of the issue. Here are the steps:
1. Navigate to the Support Center home page and click the My tickets option.
2. On the My Tickets page select your Solved ticket by the ticket name.
3. When the ticket details load, click the “Create a Follow-up” link.
4. Select the nature of your request as you would for a new ticket.
5. You will see the “Subject” and “Description” automatically populate with the previous ticket’s information. In the “Description” field, include the reason you are creating this follow-up ticket. This will help us resolve your new request.
6. Complete the remaining required (*) fields and click the Submit button.


This post originally appeared in the Tip of the Week email on January 11th, 2016.

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