To be hosted, or not to be hosted?


That is the question. And the answer is: With Avionté, you have a choice. You can host our software independently, or be hosted by our team.


What you’ll get when you’re hosted by Avionté:

  • A worry-free software experience. When you are hosted by Avionté, your software experience is virtually maintenance free. There are no servers to manage and no expensive Microsoft licensing costs. A computer with an internet connection is all you need.
  • Optimal performance and access to your critical data. Avionté operates in a powerful and dynamic cloud environment, which allows us to provide the best possible software performance and the easiest access to your data. The Avionté network is located in a controlled access data center with real-time monitoring, to ensure the security of your data and the integrity of the network.
  • The best IT support our industry has to offer. Whether you choose to host independently or to be hosted by us, our support team will always deliver the essential technical support you need. Avionté’s highly qualified IT professionals work diligently to keep pace with our growing client base, and to ensure that our network is in tip-top shape. Why do we do all this? To best serve you, the client – and the continually expanding needs of your industry.