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In the staffing and recruiting industry, time is a rare commodity.
Avionté can help you reclaim it.

Our integrations and partnerships save you precious time, by making our software more comprehensive, more efficient and easier to use.

Stated simply, we only collaborate with the best of the best – with your best interest at heart. Our partner relationships allow us to provide you with a higher-quality product and invaluable peace of mind.

Get to know a few of our trusted technology partners:


Technology Partners

Background Screening

Background screening providers help to automate the hiring process from start to finish with built-in compliance, allowing users to manage offers, screening, and onboarding activities directly through the application.

Asurint SnaggedAsurint‘s proprietary technologies create comprehensive background screening services. The company is a leading technology firm that is revolutionizing the background screening industry through innovative technology built around an outstanding U.S.-based customer service team. Asurint’s commitment to quality, accuracy, and innovative technology results in a dramatically efficient background screening process. The company leverages relationships to provide the most detailed and accurate information – and delivers fast and reliable results.

Asurint has been recognized by Inc. 5000, HRO Baker’s Dozen, Weatherhead 100, Aggie 100 and NEO Success as leaders in customer satisfaction, growth and innovation.

peopleG2 logoPeopleG2 is a Human Capital Risk Management firm. With award-winning customer service, staffing industry sales expertise, human resources expertise, FCRA-certification and background check thought leadership, PeopleG2 supports your pre-employment screening programs and helps you to eliminate double entry, clerical errors and to fill positions quickly.

PeopleG2 is a premier partner of Avionté and is fully integrated into the platform. The powerful integration is supported by PeopleG2’s specific staffing industry expertise, and can give you a leg up against your competition.

aRefChexaRefChex is a web-based employment verification and reference checking system integrated within Avionte.

It automatically verifies work history, experience, skills and past performance by collecting feedback from an applicant’s managers, peers, work associates and/or professional references.

aRefChex is staffing industry enhanced by turning every reference into a sales and/or sourcing opportunity while automatically building a highly valuable database of contact information that is uploaded into Avionte’s CRM.

Liberty Screening ServicesA Houston-based company, Liberty Screening offers uniform background checks and pre-employment strategies for many Fortune 500 clients using proprietary instant online solutions and products including QuickCheck National Alias and their own Liberty Interactive Screening Applications.

Liberty Screening Services maintains many national and international partnerships, which allow Liberty to provide a seamless solution for Avionte’s staffing and recruiting professionals.


Paycard products provide alternative solutions to paying employees, removing the necessity of paper checks, alleviating payroll hassles, and saving both employers and employee’s vital time and money.

Global Cash CardEntirely paperless, Global Cash Card offers a paycard product that can eliminate the hassles that come along with unbanked employees, and can simplify the payroll process for employers and employees alike.

Global Cash Card gives you flexibility in how you pay your employees, and because it’s entirely paperless, there’s no need for physical copies of checks or check stock. Global Cash Card saves your employees the step of going to the bank to cash a check and is a simple alternative for those without bank accounts. You can choose to have a Global Cash Card transaction automatically loaded the moment payroll is processed, or to use the load card wizard once you are ready. The entire setup and management process is handled through an intuitive user interface, and built directly into the Avionté solution. It’s quick, simple and extremely efficient.

Contact Matt Midgett
Direct: 561-628-1994
Email: mattmidgett@globalcashcard.com

RPC Logo_solo (002)rapid! PayCard is SIMPLE, SMART & SECURE. Avionte and rapid! PayCard together have created a seamless integration that allows users to register and/or instantly fund a rapid! PayCard directly from within Avionte. rapid! PayCard enables 100% electronic pay, 50-state compliance, robust paycard tools for both employers and cardholders while reducing costs and streamlining administration. rapid! PayCard can be used anywhere MasterCard or Visa is accepted. The rapid!Access Mobile Application (iPhone/Android) and Savings Account brings together an integrated financial solution for employees who demand easy methods to both, save and manage money. Customers are provided unparalleled training and support by their dedicated enrollment team member throughout the life of our NO CHARGE for EMPLOYERS program.

Contact: Curt Bishop
Direct: 303.776.4618
Email: cbishop@rapidpaycard.com

Skills Testing & Assessments

Skills testing and pre-employment assessment platforms give users the power to identify and select the most talented candidates by creating a pre-employment screening process to determine candidate skills and to identify any skill or knowledge gaps.

people-clues-logo PeopleClues is a behavioral analysis testing application that can be simple or highly specified, and guarantee that you will find the best possible candidate for a particular customer or customer project.

You can use the smart, specific and adaptable assessment software to hire, train and promote the best possible candidates for the right jobs. The assessments can also alert you to counter-productive behaviors, determine a person’s engagement and job fi, and teach you how to train new employees.

Whether you choose to distribute assessments before conducting interviews, or after candidates are chosen for a position, the entire process is integrated into Avionté. You will receive the results back immediately, along with job fi rankings and suggested interview questions, which are automatically accessed from the candidate or employee record in Avionté

ProveItProveIt!’s skills testing and pre-employment assessment platforms give you the power to identify and select the most talented candidates, by creating a pre-employment screening process to determine candidate skills and identifying any skill or knowledge gaps. The company provides over 1,500 validated assessments, unbeatable customer service, and superior technology.

Prove It! provides a skills testing and pre-employment assessment platform that’s been designed for staffing professionals. With Prove It!, you can administer skills and behavioral testing directly from an employee record within the Avionté application.


Benefits companies help to fill the gaps in service that insurance companies don’t provide by handling all the implementation, enrollment and ongoing training processes regarding insurance.

EssentialStaffCARE Specifically created and designed for the staffing industry, Essential StaffCare fills the gaps in service that insurance companies don’t provide. It handles all of the implementation, enrollment and ongoing training processes regarding insurance, removing the time investment and workload from your hands. The Avionté-Essential StaffCare integration offers the opportunity to provide cost-effective insurance benefits to temporary employees, efficiently and near effortlessly.

The integration process includes an import component well as a seamless export of actual weekly deduction information that then goes back to Essential StaffCare for processing. With Essential StaffCare, simplify how you keep track of employee benefits and the liabilities, and continue to process payroll as normal; the rest is handled for you!

myhrcounsel_mediummyHRcounsel provides over 35 attorney advisers on all Federal and 50 State employment laws. With their unique business model, myHRcounsel provides legal protection, compliance guidance, counsel and important current documentation on the HR and legal functions critical to staffing firm owners.

Bringing together Avionte’s industry-leading technology tools and the team at myHRcounsel, staffing professionals can now avoid the hassles and high fees incurred with attorneys for answering everyday HR compliance questions.

Tax Credits

Our employment tax services offer the ultimate solution for capitalizing on tax credits and incentives by helping to simplify employment tax compliance and minimize risk for in-house payroll.

ADP_Red LogoADP SmartComplianceSM is a cloud-based platform of outsourced services, which integrates seamlessly with Avionté Staffing Software to support its Work Opportunity Tax Credit offerings and other value-added services.

The ADP SmartComplianceSM tax credits module fully integrates within the Avionté Online Applicant portal that then streamlines the screening process and helps staffing firms identify the tax credit status of each new applicant, early on in the hiring process, providing the ultimate solution for capitalizing on tax credits and incentives.

I-9 Compliance

Form I-9 compliance includes photo, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Social Security Administration (SSA) validation, and is a critical component to determining the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

E-VerifyE-Verify is an easy-to-use internet-based system, created to help employers determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the U.S. – including photo, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Social Security Administration (SSA) validation. E-Verify compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

E-Verification is integrated into the Avionté core application. An employee simply fills out Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification, performs the other necessary requirements, and then submits the information through the E-Verify system to process results for employers. It’s an easy-to-use system that provides quick results.

Job Boards & Distribution

Do everything from posting your jobs, searching resumes, and finding the best talent for your business with the leading integration partners in job boards and distribution.

datafrenzy-logo Data Frenzy is a one-stop external search company that makes finding the best candidates through résumé searching quick and easy. Data Frenzy supports an extensive list of job boards for placing job ads, and the company’s one-step AutoMatch feature allows you to search the internal database and leverage the capabilities of multiple web pages, so you can have a much wider applicant pool to choose from.

A search agent can be set up in Data Frenzy to pull the newest résumés from job boards into Avionté at a certain time each day. Data Frenzy can then automatically rank findings based upon their relevance to your specified criteria, so you can be sure they have access to the most qualified candidates for each new job order.

CareerBuilderCareerBuilder is a global leader in human capital solutions – and can help you target and attract the best people for your assignments.

Through constant innovation, unparalleled technology, and customer care delivered at every touch point, CareerBuilder helps match the right talent with the right opportunity. CareerBuilder works with the world’s top employers, and provides resources for everything from employment branding and talent intelligence, to recruitment support.

Indeed is theindeed world’s #1 job site, with over 140 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries. Through Indeed, you can post jobs directly to Indeed in minutes, sponsor jobs from your website, search millions of resumes, create company pages, and add application functionality to allow job seekers to apply directly through mobile devices.

Indeed is a catalyst for putting the world to work. The company is intensely passionate about delivering the right fit for every hire, and helps companies of all sizes hire the best talent by offering the best opportunity for job seekers to get hired.

Simplyhired-logoSimply Hired is a job search engine that collects job listings from all over the web, including company and career pages, job boards and niche job websites – then matches and displays relevant jobs to job seekers on the Simply Hired website, mobile app, and numerous partner sites. Simply Hired gives you a flexible, cost-effective solution for reaching qualified candidates – and making the right hire.

Simply Hired’s advanced personalized technology connects over 30 million unique job seekers with millions of jobs each month. In 2013, the company was named a ‘Top job search website’ by Forbes and PC Magazines.

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance solutions help to eliminate paperwork in time keeping, ensuring accuracy, improving productivity, and adding to the bottom-line savings for staffing firms.

PeoplenetLogo-250PeopleNet provides time-keeping solutions designed for the staffing industry. The system tracks over one million time cards per month, for more than 350 staffing agencies including eight of the top 10 in the country.

Regardless of your agency’s size or the markets you serve, Peoplenet has the solution for you. With Peoplenet, you can eliminate paper in Time Keeping and increase agency compliance and client retention while having a competitive advantage. It’s a simple time capture and approval solution that really works.

Automated Voice & Text

Automated voice and texting solutions allow users to fill open positions, schedule reminders and save valuable time. They provide the ability to instantly communicate with multiple employees about positions, requests and more, all at once.

CallEmAllCall-Em-All is an automated calling and texting system that fills open positions, requests, and timesheets, cleans up databases, schedules reminders and more. The process can be quickly done in Avionté; you simply run their search in Avionté, and then record or type out their message. With the click of a button, the message can be blasted out to whomever is chosen in the Avionté Advanced Search area.Call-Em-All even has a survey component that can add a more personal touch to customer satisfaction surveys and other forms of questionnaires, making the use of Call-Em-All through Avionté easy, affordable and incredibly effective.

TextUsTextUs helps inside sales and staffing and recruiting teams sell more and sell faster through its business-class text messaging platform.

This is not the text messaging you’re used to. This is the ultimate sales tool. Your prospects don’t have to opt-in. Your sales team won’t waste time leaving voicemails. You reduce risk by eliminating personal cell phone text messaging. TextUS offers a simple tool to help you reach more prospects and communicate with them more effectively.

Contact: Ted Guggenheim
Email: ted@textus.com
Phone: 303.263.2025


NelcoNelco is the authorized provider of Avionte compatible W-2, 1099, and check writing supplies. In addition to providing forms, checks and envelopes, Nelco offers a completely paperless 1095 electronic filing solution for Avionte. To order compatible supplies visit avionte.nelcosolutions.com or call Nelco at 800.266.4669.

Contact: Jason Jenison
Email: jjenison@nelcosolutions.com
Phone: 616.574.4380


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