Meet the Rest of the Avionté Family


Great software isn’t just about technology. It’s about great people, too!

And Avionté has the best around. From computer geeks to marketing mavens to tech support superheroes, our team members blend technical expertise with truly customer-centric service to deliver a great experience for you.

Our managers simplify the complex process of fully integrating your front office, back office and web portals. Basically, they move mountains every day to make what seems impossible, possible!

Here’s a brief introduction to the movers and shakers who create the Avionté difference, every day.


Sales & Marketing

Like peanut butter and jelly, our sales and marketing teams work beautifully together. They continuously collaborate on new ways to teach you about our software – and all of the benefits it delivers.

Our sales representatives are more than just product experts. They’re experts at using our software to vastly improve your business! Moreover, they’re dedicated to service after the sale. Their relationship with your business lasts well beyond implementation – and extends to all departments within Avionté.

Brett Keirstead, Vice President of Client Acquisition

brett-keirsteadBrett Keirstead joined the Avionté Team as VP of Client Acquisition in July, 2016 and oversees the company’s Sales and Marketing teams, helping to drive the department strategies and meet financial goals while gearing up for rapid expansion. Brett works to ensure department objectives are met and helps both the Sales and Marketing teams effectively reach prospects and accurately communicate the benefits of Avionté to prospective users.

Brenda Long, Director of Marketing


Brenda Long is our Director of Marketing and a staffing and recruiting business expert. Over the years, she’s worked in a variety of roles within our industry, including HR, support, sales, project planning and, yes, marketing. Today, Brenda directs the company’s overall marketing and strategic planning programs. Every day, she works to manage Avionté’s image and increase awareness throughout the staffing industry.

Jason Ortner, Sales VP


Jason Ortner works as the VP of Sales for the Western U.S. He’s moved up the ladder of success since first joining the Avionté sales team in January of 2009 as a Corporate Trainer. Before joining Avionté, Jason worked in the Training and Development department at Ecolab, where he assisted and delivered sales and leadership seminars. Jason’s passion for both sales, and our software, is demonstrated daily in his interactions with customers and prospects.

Mike Scoville, Sales VP


Mike Scoville is our VP of Sales for the Midwest. After spending several years in a business development role at Epicor, Mike joined the Avionté sales team in early 2010. His background in selling ERP solutions made his transition to Avionté easy, and he quickly proved his ability to communicate the benefits of our software in an easy-to-understand way. His trusting demeanor makes him a natural at developing strong customer relationships, and his energy and easy-going attitude have made him a valuable member of our team.

Matt Gallagher, Sales VP


As the VP of Sales for the Eastern U.S., Matt Gallagher is one of the staffing industry’s most tenured and knowledgeable staffing software specialists. Before joining Avionté, Matt held positions with fellow staffing industry software suppliers. He was the Executive Vice President of Sales at TempWorks Software, and before that, worked in sales for VCG Software. His deep understanding of how staffing firms operate is further credited by his ability to transform new relationships into long-term client partnerships.

Joe Wertz, Sales VP

Joe Wertz is our VP Sales for the Northeast region of the U.S. He earned his MBA through the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and spent four years at Oracle as a financial software salesperson before joining the Avionté family. With a passion for developing relationships and for solving business problems Joe brings an infectious energy to each new conversation, making him a great fit for the Avionté team.

Suzanne Dunham, Sales VP

Suzanne Dunham is a Sales VP at Avionté and is focused on the development of new business sales, as well as the evaluation of clients converting to Avionté as a result of market acquisitions. She has spent much of her career in the recruitment marketing technology space, consulting with organizations on their talent recruiting, engagement and onboarding strategies. Suzanne demonstrates a superior knack for understanding her customers’ challenges and needs and building long term relationships. She’s helped countless companies solve their business problems by matching the appropriate technology and service solutions that drive overall efficiencies and generate revenue and growth.

Doug Newman, Sales VP

Doug Newman is our newest VP of Sales, coming to us from the acquisition of Applied Systems Technology (AST) in mid-2017. At AST, Doug sat in almost every desk, including support, implementation, sales and eventually landed a leadership role at AST, serving as President from 2008 to 2017. Doug is very excited to be a part of the Avionte team and to do what he’s been doing throughout his career: help staffing firms drive profitability through technology.



Every successful company has a brilliant financial team behind the scenes.

Our finance team handles all billing and financial tracking at Avionté, and manages Avionté business functions including planning, organizing, accounting and controlling all company finances.

Theresa McGlothlen, CFO

As Chief Financial Officer, Theresa provides leadership and guidance in regards to Avionté’s corporate financial reporting, audit, treasure, tax, internal controls, human resources and corporate governance. Theresa drives the company’s financial decision making and long range planning, along with contributing strategically to Avionté’s overall business objectives.



Established in 2016, the Partnerships department works to facilitate Avionté’s strategy around vendor alliances. The team focuses on nurturing and growing relationships with leaders at our partner companies and continue to build the strong foundation for partnership and client satisfaction. The team partners with internal Avionté teams to ensure proper infrastructure is in place such as training, tools and resources available to support our new partnerships and integrations.

Brian Sterrett, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Partnerships

Brian has joined Avionté as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the company’s partner business. As the leader in this role, Brian is responsible for the company’s vision, goals, strategy and execution of external partnerships, leading to exciting growth in capacity and capability for the Avionté ecosystem.


Customer Experience

We want our software to fulfill every need you may have – it’s that simple! To this end, the Avionté Customer Experience Team offers insights, advice, ideas and best practices for using our software to streamline your work flow and improve efficiencies.

To deliver the best service possible, we provide you with a software “concierge” – a dedicated representative who serves as your single point of contact – to efficiently answer questions, fulfill your requests for development and provide quarterly or annual service reviews.

Brigid Isenmann, Vice President of Customer Experience

Brigid IsenmannBrigid Isenmann is Avionté’s Vice President of Customer Experience. She came to the company with over ten years working within the staffing industry and had extensive experience in previous roles managing client service initiatives and process improvement. Brigid oversees the Customer Experience team.


Implementation and Services

Our Implementation and Training departments at Avionté work to implement software solutions, advance client business processes and help clients use Avionté Staffing Software to increase their business success!

Our Technical Services Team consists of a small group of highly technical Avionté veterans. The team works with our customer experience and support teams to gather requirements, and create complex reports, eDocs, feeds, and more, greatly increasing project turnaround time.

Mike Allen, Director of Implementation

mike-allenAs Avionté’s Director of Implementation, Mike Allen, manages the Implementation Team and helps to determine solutions and best practices to maximize client success using Avionté Staffing Software.


Support Services

You deserve around-the-clock access to the best support team on the market, and our team of tech experts deliver. And they make sure a real person answers your call, each and every time.

The team’s primary goal is to support the ins and outs of the application and to report any items of concern to development. Support works closely with our Strategic Account Executives to fulfill your requests, solve any problems and provide the upgrades and support you need.


Our Training Department works to train Avionté customers on how to use Avionté software and related products, and collaborates with our technical support and services departments to build relationships with Avionté customers.

The team also develops and updates all training materials, and works to increase employee knowledge of the system through internal trainings.

Courtney Pergolski, Corporate Training Manager

Courtney manages the Avionte Training and Development Team and comes with extensive experience working with all organizational levels creating, promoting and delivering training solutions designed to support our customer’s business plan. With 10 years in the Staffing Industry and five years in Training, Courtney is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable learning environment that increases Customer profitability and Talent satisfaction.


Development & IT

Our IT department works externally and internally to assist clients and employees with network administration, technical requirements, IT maintenance, and improving the overall performance of the software.

Our Development Team works behind the scenes, using staff and clients feedback to enhance existing features, and build new ones, that make our software even more solid and reliable.

Peter Young, VP of Technology

Peter Young AviontePeter joined Avionté in late 2013 as Avionté’s VP of Technology, and oversees our IT and Development departments. He’s been working professionally with computers for over 18 years as a software engineer, software architect, manager, director, and vice president, and has in-depth knowledge in regards to software development and management.

Jami Timmons, VP of Product Development

jami-timmonsAs the VP of Product Development, Jami Timmons leads all product initiatives at Avionté and oversees Avionté’s Product Management Team, which is responsible for the satisfaction of over 11,000 application users throughout the U.S. and Canada. While overseeing all product management initiatives, Timmons works closely with the Avionté Development Team to ensure proper investments are made in resources and technology partnerships.