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In the staffing and recruiting industry, connections are a valued commodity. Avionté has made those connections.

Our partnerships allow us to contribute to the growth of our industry and stay on top of change. In the end this helps us make our software more comprehensive, more efficient and easier to use.

Stated simply, we only collaborate with the best of the best – with your best interest at heart. Our partner relationships allow us to provide you with a higher-quality product and invaluable peace of mind.

Get to know a few of our trusted staffing industry partners:


Industry Partners

Affiliated Staffing Group

ASGroupLogo The Affiliated Staffing Group was formed to provide independently owned, non-competing companies a way to share systems and beneficial processes with one another. The national group represents members located in 27 states throughout the United States.

American Staffing Association

ASA-member_horiz-RGB-large The American Staffing Association was formed in 1966 to promote flexible employment opportunities and to encourage staffing professionals to remain legal, ethical and professional in the workplace. Through legal and legislative advocacy, public relations and education, ASA remains a national association that continually establishes high ethical conduct standards.

Association of Canadian Search Employment and Staffing Services

ACSESS_logo The Association of Professional Placement Agencies & Consultants and The Employment & Staffing Services Association of Canada merged to form the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, which actively represents the industry before the government and assumes a leadership role by ensuring that industry members remain active and aware.

California Staffing Professionals

california-staffing-professionals Initially formed in 1937, the California Staffing Professionals serves the interests of the staffing services industry in numerous ways by providing ongoing education, promoting a high standard of ethics, advocating for beneficial legislation, and raising the visibility of the organization.

Colorado Staffing Association

CSA LogoThe Colorado Staffing Association, Inc. (CSA) advocates for the staffing industry and works to increase the awareness of the positive impact staffing and recruiting firms contribute. CSA participates in corporate responsibility activities, recognizes outstanding staffing employees and businesses, releases press releases, and communicates with local media about the positive trends in the area.

Georgia Staffing Association

GSA Logo Serving the staffing industry of their region, the Georgia Staffing Association works to represent and promote the interests of its members to clients, employees, the media and the greater public. The association provides continuing education and training and works to promote a free enterprise environment, and to also encourage ethical conduct.

Illinois Search & Staffing Association

The Illinois Search & Staffing Association represents temporary and direct hire staffing companies and firms of all sizes, and works collaboratively to further benefit the Illinois staffing industry. Affiliated with the American Staffing Association and the National Association of Personnel Services, ISSA has also earned ASA’s Chapter and Legislative Merit Awards.

Mid Atlantic Staffing Association

MASAMASA takes pride in the profession of recruiting for both retained and contingency jobs. We’re dedicated to educating our members, clients and the general public about the recruiting industry and its benefits. Promoting the growth and welfare of the recruiting profession through training, legislative work, education, and networking are our primary goals. MASA aims to foster the highest level of competence and business practices among its members.

Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association

MNRSA_LOGOThe Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association was formed when the Staffing Association of Minnesota (SAM) joined forces with the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services (MAPS) to provide a more unified organization. The association serves as a voice for the staffing and recruiting industries and works to communicate important industry matters to members, leaders, regulators, and the greater general public.

Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association

MKSSAAffiliated with ASA and NAPS, the Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association (MKSSA) is a nonprofit organization that provides resources for businesses and individuals alike who seek a search and/or staffing provider. MKSSA works as the areas resource for industry information, education, training, and legal representation, and strives to provide a variety of networking opportunities throughout the year.

National Association of Personnel Services

NAPSThe National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), formed in 1961, NAPS provides legislative guidance and aid in states where government affairs challenges exist, creates a structure of ethical practices for industry self-regulation, increases public and business awareness of the value of personnel services, and educates members and non-members towards better practices and the maintenance of high professional standards.

New Jersey Staffing Alliance

New Jersey Staffing AssociationThe New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) is an industry trade association of direct hire, contract and temporary staffing firms. Members of NJSA vary across all areas of personnel services, including search, recruitment, placement and temporary help services. The association is an affiliated chapter of the American Staffing Association and the National Association of Personnel Services.

New York Staffing Association

The New York Staffing Association (NYSA) serves as the voice of the staffing industry for the State of New York by promoting the interests of our members through legal and legislative advocacy, public relations, networking and collaboration and the establishment of high standards of ethical conduct.

National Independent Staffing Association

NISA (the National Independent Staffing Association) helps independently owned staffing services expand business through improved strategies and market development.

North Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals

2013_NCASP_white Founded in 1966, the North Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals works to positively promote the staffing industry, in an educated and ethical manner, and acts as the industry watchdog for the industry within the greater North Carolina area. They represent all areas of the staffing industry.

Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc.

SI Analyst CM logo Through independent and objective insights, research, data, support tools, publications and executive conferences, Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc. is a research and analysis firm that covers the greater contingent workforce. Founded in 1989, they provide a competitive edge to the decision-makers in the temporary staffing industry.

TechServe Alliance

TSA_logos_allTechServe Alliance is the premier IT & engineering staffing association dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.


Tempnet-logo TempNet provides networking and educational resources to help member businesses grow and prosper. The association, which is made up of independent staffing firms in exclusive territories, is a national network that educates, answers business questions and provides general business support to its members and the greater public.

Texas Association of Staffing

TAS_Logo_3C_AF The Texas Association of Staffing is the recognized voice of the staffing industry in Texas and is committed to serving staffing and recruiting professionals in their area by communicating important industry matters to association members, legislative leaders, regulators, the news media and the general public.

Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services

The Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WASS) has been working since 1971 to provide staffing agencies a common voice and the support they need in an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment.


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