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Avionté regularly features webinars to give our customers help with their software, strategies for maximizing their use of our software and helpful ideas for business success.

To see the latest webinars offered, see below.

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Sales CRM Tools

Back Office Corrections

Interview Setup

FLSA Overtime

Understanding the 1095-C

General Ledger

Direct Hire

Candidate Management

Advanced Search – Grouping

Highlights of 15.1

my HR Counsel

Sales Management Process

Back Office Corrections

14.2 Webinar

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Avionté Webinars

ACA Compliance for Staffing Reporting and Updates ACA Companion App & Reporting Webinars, Dec – Feb
This just in! Avionté’s Staffing Software ACA Companion Application will be released this week!

Through these free, upcoming two-hour trainings our seasoned trainers will walk you through setting up the new component, migrating your existing tracking data, using the application to track offers of coverage ongoing, and generating your reports for year-end.

*Note: you must be a client using 14.2.8 or above to take advantage of the app.

Opportunities to stay informed begin on December 29th and go through the end of February, 2017.

Register or learn more here.

Avionte Attending ISSA Staffing Conference ISSA Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

We are excited to be the sponsor of the upcoming “Meet the Client” Panel and Annual Meeting Holiday Party, put on by the Illinois Search & Staffing Association (ISSA).

The meeting will be held on December 1, 2016 in Northbrook, Illinois.

Join fellow staffing and placement colleagues for the lively, three-part event. Hear from panelists Cindy Bass, Director of Talent Acquisition at Convergys, Tim Meyers, Sr. Recruiting Sourcing Partner at Ingersoll Rand/Trane and Lindsay Goodman, the North American Talent Acquisition Manager at Momentun Worldwide.

Mike Scoville, our VP of Sales at Avionte, will be there to meet with you all. We hope to see you there!

ACA OSHA EEO FMLA FLSA ADA Updates in Staffing Employment Law Update Staffing Webinar, November 16th

Don’t let this year’s changes be next year’s challenges.

Hosted by myHR Counsel and in partnership with Avionté, this webinar is taking place on Wednesday, November 16th from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Register here.

Participate in this upcoming webinar to learn from the experts at myHR Counsel what the hot topics in Employment Law are, touching on changes regarding ACA, FLSA, OSHA and more.

Plus, myHR Counsel will give you an exclusive 2017 HR Checklist, so you can start the year off on the right foot!

We hope you’ll tune in!


Avionte ACA ACA 2016 Year End Webinar Series, November – December

ACA 201: Setup and Tracking

This webinar is an in-depth training of setting up your Avionté system for ACA features and tracking eligibility and offers of coverage ongoing. This webinar will be useful to any and all clients using Avionte’s ACA Tracking, and clients are welcome to log in at the 45 minute break if desired.

ACA 301: End of Year Prep & Reporting

This webinar is the Phase 2 of the ACA process. We will discuss setting up end of year properties to complete reporting and explain of how Avionte logic pulls data into 1094-C and 1095-C reports. This will also cover how to launch Greenshades and pass the file to print and mail or eFile 1095Cs and the 1094C.

Greenshades Year-End Training

Avionté uses Greenshades to assist in e-Filing year-end forms and our clients also have the option to employ them for printing and mailing W-2s. Whether you are new to Avionté and Greenshades or would just like another refresher on passing your forms, this webinar is for you!

Year-End Open Forum

This webinar is open time to log in and ask questions to Avionté year-end experts. There is no presentation piece, it is simply an opportunity for you to jump into the webinar at any time and receive live answers to your questions. Feel free to log in at any time and any hour within the range and stay for five minutes, or two hours!

Avionte Fall Webinars and Trainings Avionte Fall Webinar Series, October – November

Don’t miss our Fall Webinar Series!

The following FREE webinars are each offered three times during the 4th quarter. Click the Register link, when the registration page loads select one of the listed dates from the drop down menu. 

Report Tools & Exporting AQs

We will discuss using the report tools in Avionté staffing software as well as when and why you should export your AQ. Registration options here.

Agencies and Deduction Authority

Learn more about the Agencies sections in Avionté and how to cut checks to your deduction authorities within the core application. Registration options here.

Recruiter Module

This webinar will focus on the new Avionté Recruiter Module which is part of the AERO platform. We will cover how the Recruiter Module functions as well as how it interacts with the core application. Registration options here.

Avionte ProveIt Integration Integration Showcase, Prove It! Webinar – October 20th

Prove It! is a skills testing and pre-employment assessment platform that gives you the power to identify and select the most talented candidates and employees. Join us for an overview of what Prove It! can do for you!

Prove It!’s integration with Avionté’s staffing software platform makes it easy to run a variety of assessments in different fields and skill sets. Assessments can range from Basic to Advanced levels and include topics in Clerical, Industrial.

With over 1500 validated assessments, Prove It! is the only testing solution you need.

This webinar is suited for clients and is happening on Thursday, Oct 20th at 1:00 p.m. CST. Click to register.

Avionte Summer Webinar Series Summer Webinar Series, August & September

Don’t miss out on the Summer Webinar Series. Click on the Register link to view the available date/time for each topic.

Outlook Connector and Messages/Appointments/Tasks

Fri, Aug 26th, 2016 – 9 AM CDT

Mon, Sept 26th, 2016 – 11 AM CDT

This webinar is intended to give instruction on setting up the Outlook connector and communicate best practices for utilizing the messages, appointments, and tasks features of Avionté. After attending this webinar users should be able to:

  • Assign messages to multiple employees, customers, users or more at once
  • Create an appointment from the messages window and vice versa
  • Create a task from the messages window and vice versa
  • Use and customize message action types to indicate different kinds of communication
  • Know what reports will retrieve broad stats regarding logged messages or individual user/employee data
  • Utilize counters that correspond to different message types
  • Pull appointments into Outlook directly

Register here.

Admin Tools: Permissions

Wed, Aug 17, 2016 – 1 PM CDT

Wed, Sept 14, 2016 –  11 AM CDT

This webinar will discuss specifying user permissions in Admin Tools, including: Config Option, Form, Reports, and Counters, all of which are located in the System section of Admin Tools. We will also include a brief discussion of new user set up in the Employer section.

Register here.

Admin Tools: Transaction Type/Reporting

Thurs, Aug 18, 2016 – 11 AM CDT

Thurs, Sept 8, 2016 – 10 AM CDT

This webinar will include:

  • Basic setup (an overview)
  • Properties (including those on the Detail page) and how they translate to reports
  • W2
  • 1095
  • Gross Profit

Register here.


Learn how to create new accrual plans and review your existing ones.

Mon, Aug 29, 2016 – 1 PM CDT

Mon, Sept 19, 2016 – 10 AM CDT

Register here.

Avionte Time Clocks

Tues, Aug 23, 2016 – 1 PM CDT

Tues, Sept 6, 2016 – 2 PM CDT

This webinar will discuss:

  • Time Clock setup (in core app and Admin Portal)
  • Demo of time clock log in/punches
  • Time approval on Customer portal
  • Importing time into Avionte for Payroll/Billing

Register here.

ACA2 Free ACA Webinars, August 30 & Sept 1

We have some upcoming webinars planned for you to help you setup and track ACA and prepare for the year ahead!

See below for details and the link to register.

ACA Setup and Tracking Webinar

This webinar is an in-depth training of setting up your Avionté system for ACA features and tracking eligibility and offers of coverage ongoing.

This webinar will be useful to any and all clients using Avionte’s ACA Tracking, and clients are welcome to log in at the 45 minute break if desired.

Webinar date: August 30th (Tuesday) at 1 PM Central. Register here

ACA End of Year Preparation and Reporting

This webinar is the Phase 2 of the ACA process. We will discuss setting up end of year properties to complete reporting and explain how Avionte logic pulls date into 1094-C and 1095-C reports.

Webinar date: September 1st (Thursday) at 1 PM Central. Register here 

PeopleG2 Handshake People G2 Webinar Tuesday, July 26th

People G2 is a Human Capital Risk Management firm, offering background screening services to the staffing industry and our Featured Partner of the Month!

Attend this demo on July 26th, 11 AM – 12 PM CDTRegister to attend here.

In this information-packed session, you will learn ways to get your agency to stand out in the crowd and how and where to find candidates (and retain them).

During this free demo with Chris Dyer, the CEO of PeopleG2, you will learn about the full integration with Avionte Staffing Software, which can give you a leg up against your competition.

Presenters: CEO at People G2 Chris Dyer and Client Manager at Avionté Hugh Gilpatric.

Partnership_Asurint Are You Compliant? Asurint Webinar June 30th

Asurint is one of Avionté’s leading technology partners in the background screening services industry and our staffing industry Featured Partner of the Month!

Attend this demo on Thursday, June 30 from 1 PM – 2 PM CDT.

Learn from experts from Asurint and Avionté how Asurint’s proprietary screening process delivers fast and reliable results for the staffing industry.

Keep up with the changing regulations. Register to attend here.

Presenters: Chief Sales Officer at Asurint Steve Palek, Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer at Asurint Jessica Jacobsen, Client Manager at Avionté Becky Fox and VP of Customer Experience at Avionté Brigid Isenmann.