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Avionté regularly features webinars to give our customers help with their software, strategies for maximizing their use of our software and helpful ideas for business success.

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Payroll Funding Free Webinar: How to Grow Your Business With Payroll Funding

When you’re trying to grow your staffing agency, the stress of meeting payroll can be one of your biggest challenges.

In our free webinar with TCI Business Capital, learn how payroll funding can give you the confidence you need that payroll will be met so you’re able to take on more contracts and grow your agency.

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Thursday, October 12th at 1 p.m. CDT

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • What is payroll funding
  • The advantages of payroll funding
  • How payroll funding can grow your agency
  • What to look for in a payroll funding company

This webinar is geared for staffing companies of all sizes and markets.

Learn how payroll funding can grow your agency and what to look for when assessing which payroll funding company is right for you.

The webinar will be hosted by Avionté and presented by Kelly Nelson, SVP of Business Development at TCI Business Capital, a Payroll Funding Company.

Let TCI Business Capital help you ease your payroll stress.

About TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital has offered fast payroll funding solutions to staffing agencies across North America since 1994. TCI distinguishes itself from other payroll funding companies by providing daily funding, superior customer service, flexible programs and free back-office support, including credit and collection services.

About Kelly Nelson

Kelly Nelson has more than 20 years of experience in both sales and finance. He has a genuine interest in ensuring companies have the tools they need to understand their funding options to meet their cash-flow needs. In his role as SVP of Business Development, Kelly introduces clients to TCI’s payroll funding services and with them creates a customized program that assists them in meeting their business needs and goals.

About Avionté

Avionté staffing software partners with over 20 staffing technology solution providers to the staffing industry, offered monthly in an effort to help staffing professionals stay informed on the industry’s top topics.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Employees Free Webinar: Recruiting & Retaining Top Employees in a Tight Labor Market

The labor market is shrinking. In today’s staffing and recruiting world, it is becoming harder than ever to find quality candidates.

In our free staffing webinar with Essential StaffCARE, join us for an overview of best practices and learn how to cater your job search to the current labor market. You’ll learn best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent and how it can set you apart.

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Thursday, September 21st at 1 p.m. CDT.

Register to learn…

  • About 2017’s labor market and its effect on the staffing industry
  • About the reality of healthcare budgeting for temporary employees
  • How employees are reacting in the workplace when backed by usable healthcare benefits
  • How employers can benefit from retaining top talent
  • Why staffing company clients can benefit from tenured, experienced employees 

Hosted by Avionté. Presented by:


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About Essential StaffCARE

Essential StaffCARE is the largest provider of ACA-compliant health plans and supplemental employee benefits to the Staffing Industry. Serving over 1,500 staffing company clients and enrolling over 750,000 temporary employees annually, ESC offers ACA-compliant MEC plans, fully-insured Major Medical plans, supplemental Fixed Indemnity plans, comprehensive enrollment, and ACA audit technology solutions. ESC is an American Staffing Association (ASA) Corporate Partner, and an award-winning member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

About Alan Gilbert

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Essential StaffCARE, a division of Insurance Applications Group, LLC.

As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alan Gilbert serves as a liaison between Insurance Applications Group and Essential StaffCARE’s payroll processing and funding partners as well as their staffing specific software partners.

About the Avionté Partner Webinar Series

Avionté staffing software partners with over 20 staffing technology solution providers to the staffing industry, offered monthly in an effort to help staffing professionals stay informed on the industry’s top topics.

Background Screening Compliance “Staffing Industry Trends – A Compliance Perspective”: Avionté Partner Webinar Series

From ban the box to salary history, employers have no shortage of topics to track from a legislative perspective as it relates to background screening.

Add regulatory oversight and a groundswell of litigation to the mix and many employers may be left wondering how to keep up with the revolving door of activity.

Take a step in the right direction and join us for our free partner webinar series with Asurint. We’ll discuss recent trends in background screening legislation, regulation and litigation.

Thursday, August 17th at 1 p.m. CDT

Register for this webinar to…

  • Hear from the experts the recent trends in background screening
  • Learn what legislation, regulation and litigation updates have taken place
  • Learn what processes can help you keep up with the revolving door of activity

Let Asurint help you review background check compliance. Register now.

*Please note, the information offered in this webinar is general educational information only and does not constitute legal advice.  

About Asurint

Asurint is a full-service background screening company providing next-generation technology products and services redefining the industry. Asurint’s full suite of screening solutions yield turnaround times 24 to 36 hours faster than competitors; improve the accuracy of search results; and provide automated compliance with local, state and federal laws. Our automated recommendation model intelligently bases searches off of candidate information and address history.  In the race for workplace talent, Asurint gives clients a competitive advantage in candidate acquisition.

About the Avionté Partner Webinar Series

Avionté staffing software partners with over 20 staffing technology solution providers to the staffing industry.

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Webinar: “How to Win More Business With Technology Automation”

Competing in today’s staffing marketplace can be challenging, especially if you do not have the appropriate technology and automation strategy.

Gain valuable insights on what it takes to win and stay ahead of the competition. Register now.

Join our free webinar on July 20th to discuss:

  • The history of staffing with automation and a look at historic trends
  • How automation is shaping the staffing industry climate
  • Which categories of tech automation are getting the most attention

This webinar is free, however, registration is required. Register now.

“It’s more than just implementing the correct technology – it’s about ensuring the correct people are in place.” – Peoplenet

Presented by Peoplenet:

Peoplenet provides time-keeping solutions designed for the staffing industry. The system tracks over one million time cards per month, for more than 350 staffing agencies including either of the top 10 in the country.

Regardless of your agency’s size or the markets you serve, Peoplenet has the solution for you. With peoplenet, you can eliminate paper in Time Keeping and increase agency compliance and client retention while having a competitive advantage. It’s a simple time capture and approval solution that really works.

About the Speaker:

Speaker: Andy Zarkadas, Chief Revenue Officer at Peoplenet

Andy Zarkadas has over 10 years of experience in sales and operational leaderships within the staffing and workforce management industry.

In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Andy is responsible for Peoplenet’s sales, marketing and growth strategies. He and his team work closely with Peoplenet’s customers, prospects and channel partners to find better ways to connect suppliers and buyers of talent in today’s marketplace.

*This webinar is part of the Avionté Partner Webinar Series.

Avionté staffing software partners with over 20 staffing technology solution providers to the staffing industry.


Background Checks in Staffing The Truth About Background Checks with PeopleG2: Free Staffing Webinar

*This webinar is part of the Avionté Partner Webinar Series.

In today’s ever-changing compliance landscape, it is hard to stay abreast of the changes and updates in your own state let alone in the country.

In this free webinar, you will learn about the latest updates on the state changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as best practices to protect your organization and clients.

Join us for this exciting dive into the world of compliance requirements in the 21st century! Register now.

Join our free webinar on June 29th, presented by PeopleG2, to discuss:

  • Latest updates on state changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Best practices to protect your organization and your clients

This webinar is free, however, registration is required.

About PeopleG2

PeopleG2 helps clients navigate the treacherous waters of compliance when it comes to background investigations.

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Receivables and Payment Technologies for Staffing “Next Generation Receivables and Payments for Staffing”, Avionté Partner Webinar Series

*This webinar is part of the Avionté Partner Webinar Series.

Research shows it costs a staffing firm nearly $10 to produce a paper check.

Are you spending too much on paper checks per week? Are there receivables and payment technologies you should be exploring to help you streamline your business?

Register now for our upcoming, free staffing webinar.

Learn how your business could benefit from exploring and leveraging paycard technologies for staffing by:

  • Reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and streamlining your business
  • Eliminating paper checks entirely from your day to day workflow
  • Collecting and paying electronically

Join rapid! PayCard and Avionté for a complimentary webinar:

“Next Generation Receivables and Payments for Staffing”

Thursday, June 15th at 1:00 p.m. CDT.

We’ll be exploring technologies that could help you eliminate the paper blizzard in your accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll departments.

Plus, learn some tried and true methods to eliminate paper checks and help you collect and pay entirely electronically.

About rapid! PayCard

rapid! PayCard was established in 2003 with the singular focus of providing employers with innovative, responsible payroll card programs and provides services to companies across the U.S. whose combined employees number more than 45,000. rapid! PayCard provides the most comprehensive paycard benefit and ePayroll program designed for employers choosing to convert to electronic delivery of payroll at zero cost.

Let rapid! PayCard help you find cost savings with the next generation of receivables and payments. Register Now.

Avionté staffing software partners with over 20 staffing technology solution providers to the staffing industry.

Transforming Your Staffing Business with 100% Paperless Onboarding, Free Staffing Webinar

When it comes to the staffing industry, one of the major paradigm shifts is “going paperless.” This shift toward a paperless environment increases each year as new technology becomes available to improve client and candidate communication, increase efficiencies and drive down the overall costs of doing business.

Click to register for our free webinar, where you’ll learn how one staffing firm transformed their business by moving to a completely paperless onboarding process.

Thursday, June 8th at 1 p.m. CDT.

In the 45-minute webinar Corporate Director of IT and Operations Manager of Impact Employment Solutions Michael Kohn will share how his business transformed by moving to a completely paperless employee onboarding process. He will discuss operations pre- and post-transition, including the challenges encountered, the consequences that drove the decision and the impact on growth.

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Avionte Webinar Series Internet Candidate Acquisition Strategies Staffing Webinar, April 5th

What do the continuous changes of job boards, job aggregators and social media mean to you? Join for our free staffing webinar as part of our partner webinar, presented by Data Frenzy, to discuss job posting strategies, resume sourcing and identifying more candidates in less time. Data Frenzy, a cloud-based recruiting technology company, will be covering Job Posting and Resume Sourcing strategies that deliver results.

Let Data Frenzy help you improve your job posting and resume sourcing!


Title: The Evolution of Internet Candidate Acquisition Strategies

Date: April 5th, 2017

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm CST

More about the speaker:

Keith Duarte is the President of Data Frenzy, a company he founded in 1996. Today, the company manages all North America job postings for the global leader in staffing, as well as hundreds of other staffing firms and employers. Keith’s primary responsibilities are managing recruiting campaigns for enterprise clients and working directly with candidate sources to identify new candidate marketing strategies.

The webinar series is hosted by Avionté staffing software.

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Avionte Webinar Series Background Screening Compliance Webinar, February 24th

Free Staffing Webinar

Are you conducting pre-employment background checks correctly? When done correctly, they are a valuable aspect of the employment decision making process.

Join us on February 24th, put on by Asurint and hosted by Avionte staffing software. Register Now

Asurint will be covering “Requirements Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act”, including:  

  • Significant risk exists with failure to comply with various federal and state laws that regulate background checks.
  • Single plaintiff and class action lawsuits focused on the FCRA requirements have become more prevalent, with attorneys focusing on non-compliant employer processes and procedures.


Title: Requirements Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Date: February 24th, 2017

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm CST

Let Asurint help you review background check compliance. Register Now

Avionte Webinar Series Free Tax Credits Staffing Webinar – Thursday, February 2nd

Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Candidate Experience and Capture Tax Credits

We hope you’ll join in on this free webinar, hosted by Avionte and presented by ADP SmartCompliance!

Join Bonita Richardson George and Lyn Blackmon as they discuss some best practices.

Here are some key things you’ll take away…

  • How to determine what makes a good candidate experience and who to target for Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Focusing your tax credit strategies
  • Best practices using automation to capture tax credits

Plus, learn the importance of ADP’s integration capabilities with Avionte.

Click the link to register to learn how your technology can enhance the staffing candidate experience and capture tax credits.