“Put us up against any other provider. We’ll go the distance.”
Avionté Software


The Challenge: Growth fuels a need for change

The Reserves Network, a family-owned and privately held company based out of Fairview Park, OH, works with over 1,000 active customers and provides regional staffing services for the office, industrial, professional and technical markets.

The company has greatly expanded since its foundation in 1984; it now holds offices in 35 locations across the U.S. and places nearly 20,000 employees each year. And as the company has grown, so has their need for an innovative, user-friendly software solution.


The Avionté Difference

When the company knew it was time to find a new staffing software provider, their Director of Training and Development, Leisa Stallard, collaborated with staff members at The Reserves Network to find a software solution that could better serve their staffing needs.

After cutting their list of potential software providers in half, they asked select end users to test the demos and to rank each company’s product using a scorecard. The scorecard contained the company’s absolute needs and “wish list,” as well as any potential deal breakers.

After evaluating scorecard results, Leisa and her team knew Avionté was the clear choice.

“Avionté by far showed us a superior product that had everything we needed,” Leisa said. “And I can’t say enough about their support, relationship and follow up.”


The Results: Better automation, real-time updates, advanced reporting

  • The Reserves Network loves having access to complete workflow information. With Avionté Software, they can now oversee real-time activity at all branches at once, making it possible to address issues immediately and to take full advantage of all reports offered.
  • “There are so many ways to look at data and work with it to create the reports you need,” Leisa said.
  • They can also see how many open orders each have and how many applicants are applying for each job.
  • Now, The Reserves Network can keep track of paperwork for all of their employees. For example, they’ll know when someone’s I-9 is expiring.


Building Ongoing Partnerships

According to Leisa, many of The Reserves Network’s end users had lost faith in staffing software systems due to their previous experiences. They knew that switching to a different provider would be a long process and that it would require a huge change within their organization.

But Leisa said Avionté’s partnership with their company put an end to their worries.

“Avionté was there to help us through it every step of the way,” Leisa said. “They helped keep us on track by providing us deadlines and helping us meet them. They truly partnered with us, respected our deadlines and our aggressive turnaround time, and helped make it a great transition.”

Leisa Stallard, Director of Training and Development at The Reserves Network
The Reserves Network is an award-winning regional staffing service for the office, industrial, professional and technical markets.