“Stop investing valuable time fixing current software issues. Invest in us.”
Avionté Software


The Challenge: Technical issues waste valuable time

Vision Staffing Solutions, based out of Rogers, Minnesota, is a local, family, and women-owned and operated full-service staffing company. Formed in 1985, the company offers employers and job seekers assistance with positions in professional, production, skilled trade, and technical fields.

Tiffany Farr, Vision Staffing Operations Manager, began looking to upgrade their software capabilities when the software they were using continually developed technical issues, every time they tried to perform upgrades.


The Avionté Difference

Tiffany and her co-workers had heard promises from staffing vendors before – but they’d also seen those promises broken. However, after learning about our software, Tiffany said Vision Staffing chose Avionté because of the software’s multiple capabilities, and because our platform seemed easy to use.



The Avionté team quickly began the implementation process and worked with Vision Staffing to initiate their new program in parallel. That way, if any issues were to arise, Avionté would be right there to resolve them.

“They are there to support you 24/7 and will walk you through any problems.”


The Results: More efficient software, more productive employees

In Tiffany’s opinion, teaming up with Avionté paid off. Tiffany loves our search capabilities and thinks they’re much faster and provide much more detail.

And due to the efficiencies of the software, Vision’s recruiters have been able to double the amount of people they can handle; they’ve been able to work faster, from making calls, to documenting information, to performing searches, which has led to a much more productive work environment at Vision.

Tiffany Farr, Operations Manager at Vision Staffing Solutions
Vision Staffing Solutions is a full-service staffing company based in Minnesota.