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Angela Pitts

Welcome to my blog about all things staffing and recruiting.  My goal is to provide you with some new (and not so new) perspective to help you recruit, increase productivity, improve processes, motivate your staff and keep you a little entertained along the way.

Like so many, I just happened into staffing.   I had never thought about a career in staffing, nor did I have much experience with staffing companies.  After working for several years in the health and fitness industry I decided to return home to Montana.  Although Montana is a beautiful place, a mecca for the health and fitness industry it is not.  I needed to find a new career.. and fast!  I visited a local staffing company to see what they might have available and how they could help me.  During my interview I was asked about my experience with hiring and managing.  I guess they liked my answer, because I was offered an in house position as a staffing specialist.  After working a desk for a year, I was promoted to branch manager.  Our little staffing company grew and grew over the years.  We had multiple full time staffing specialists for industrial and clerical divisions.  Some of our clients were large enough to have their own dedicated staffing specialist.   We were able to grow a direct hire division large enough to have two full time recruiters on staff as well.  I often tell people that I was surprised how much I loved the industry!  I had no idea the day I walked in the door I would want to make this my career.  No one leaves high school or college saying “I want to work in staffing”.   For me it was the perfect blend of sales, operations and management.   I loved that it was ever changing and not only could you make a difference in the business’s bottom line, but truly make a difference in people’s lives.

I often joked with my staff that I was going to write a book about all our staffing adventures.  Although I haven’t got around to my book yet, I do want to share many of those with you.  Some of my favorites have been the excuses temporaries came up with why they couldn’t go to their assignment, or stories about strange interviews!  I will also be sharing some of my experiences that helped the business grow, and some lessons learned that didn’t help at all.  I hope you will visit often and share some of your experiences as well.

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