Friday Stress Relief = Disco Dancing

Angela Pitts

There are so many ways to relieve stress. Go for a walk, take a deep breath, listen to soothing music… the list goes on and on. Me? I prefer to disco.

Yes, disco. I especially liked to disco on a Friday afternoon with my staff. I can’t remember how it all started but I do remember WHO started it. Two infamous staffers, whom I will refer to as “J” and “T”. J and T were the masters of disco; there was not a move they couldn’t do with grace and ease. They knew everyone of the moves, from dealing the cards, driving the big rig, washing the dog, etc. If it was a disco move they knew it! From time to time in the back of the office after a long day you could hear the Bee Gees blaring and knew they were dancing. It didn’t matter what was going on; when you heard the music, it was almost impossible not to get up and go check out these two disco divas. As we gathered and watched, we smiled and laughed.

At some point this developed into a full-blown office activity. On Friday afternoon we would all gather in my office, turn on the Bee Gees “Staying Alive” and disco dance around the office. We had a block of cubes that made a great path for us to follow. We could make a couple full laps before the music ended; picking up staffers on the way! Everyone enjoyed the brief moment of reprieve from the client who needed their twenty temps (they needed them yesterday but didn’t call until  four p.m. today!), applicants who had not yet been placed (and assured you they were the best for the job!), and the stinky guy that just showed up for the fifth time again this week (we will call you when we have an assignment…).

Try it! Your staff or co-workers may think you are little nuts, but they will eventually cave and join in the disco conga line.

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