New Staff Training

If you could…

  • Engage new staff
  • Shorten time to productivity
  • Build confidence
  • Make new hires feel welcome and excited
  • Decrease turnover and increase retention

Wouldn’t you?

Providing professional training for your new hires will accomplish all this and more!  Great care and thought was taken selecting your new staff member, now give them the tools to succeed!

Front Office training (2 hours)

  • Basic navigation
  • Basic Employee
  • Basic Customer
  • Basic Contact
  • Basic Order
  • Basic Assignment

Back Office training (2 hours)

  • Basic navigation
  • Overview of Employee, Customer, Contact
  • Basic Time Entry
  • Basic Payroll
  • Basic Billing
  • Basic AR

Each session is only $50 per user!  E-mail us today with the session you would like to attend.

Front Office: Monday February 14th 10am-12 CST

Back Office: Tuesday February 15th 10am-12 CST

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