ASA Staffing World Recap

Each year, after attending each ASA Staffing World, our team reflects on the show overall and how we feel certain aspects of the show went. We thought last year was great, but we had no idea this year could even top that…On Tuesday morning, the Avionte crew descended on Vegas. The booths where set up in record time by our many willing and helping hands. For many of us, this was the first time we’d attended ASA and have had more than an hour to set up the booth before show start time. Did anyone bring their swimsuit or shorts to relax poolside? Nope. Did everyone want to take advantage of a little sleep before the craziness of the evening began? Yep.

The Avionte staff interracted with customers at our Club Avionte booth.

The show’s opening reception and cocktail hour started at 5:30 pm. For most people in Vegas, this is when the day is just beginning! From the very start of the conference, it was obvious that it would be well attended. Most attendees had agendas and a list of products that they wanted to look at. We were pleased by the amount of people that had staffing software on their list!

The Avionté Staffing Software team often brings up the fact that we feel like we choose our customers as much as they choose us. Our customers don’t just walk up to our booth and shake hands; they walk up to our booth and give us a hug!  I’ve never worked anywhere else where hugging was the standard greeting! We’ve been in relationships with some of these customers for years, while other relationships are just beginning, but each one gave us a hug and wanted to stay and chat for a while.

Avionte Sales Rep Matt Gallagher talks with booth visitors.

In years past it’s been difficult, due to our booth size, to sit and chat with our current customers. We LOVE the fact that our customers want to come and hang out with us, so this year we added a new feature to our setup: the Tiki Bar. We set up a big screen, which played our staff’s version of the song “Call Me Maybe”. There was a rumor about shots at the bar.. which we can neither confirm, nor deny.

This year, we included some of our vendor partners in our Avionté card game, which we played at last year’s event as well. The goal of the game was to collect all of our Avionté trading cards. When a complete set was turned in, a $25 poker chip was awarded to the collector, who was then put into a drawing to win a free iPad. Melisa Del Rio was our lucky winner!

Our lucky iPad winner poses for a photo!

Although the show is a great deal of work, we did find a little time to kick back and enjoy Las Vegas. Our good friends at Essential StaffCare invited us to their Healthcare Hangover party, complete with Mike Tyson tattoos and the Hangover baby. At midnight, the party moved up to the rooftop of Caesars, complete with open fit fires and fantastic views of the strip. I understand the party was scheduled until four a.m.; I didn’t make it that long, but I heard many people did!

Bright an early on Wednesday morning, the first full day of the show began. Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” and “Great by Choice”, was the highly anticipated keynote speaker for the morning. The buzz was quite noticeable among the group and it seemed that everyone made it a point to be awake and fully present for his presentation. I speak for all in my group in saying that we were not disappointed.

His key theme was the “twenty mile march”. Collins gave an example of two explorers who strived to be the first to ever reach the South Pole. He compared these two explorers – Robert Falcon Scott and Ronald Amundsen – and the way their preparation and planning differed. The way in which each of them used their knowledge and resources ultimately determined which one would make it and which one would not. His point was this: no matter the weather and no matter the circumstances, one of these leaders ticked off twenty miles a day.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, so check out his book “Great by Choice” to find out more. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

The rest of the day flew by quickly.  I overheard one of our Avionté team members say at around five p.m. that they hadn’t even taken a break yet – talk about a busy day!

Our party at Senor Frog’s got off to a great start!

We were all pretty excited for our party with our partner vendors (Odell Studner, Haley Marketing and Global Cash Card) at Señor Frog’s on Thursday night.  John and Brenda had been to Vegas a few months prior to ASA to scout out the perfect location for us.  It was located just across the street from the Venetian and had great views of the strip and prime seats for the pirate ship battle! Our roaming magician Danny Magic wowed onlookers with his card tricks and money changing denominations. I asked to keep the $100 bill, but he wanted it back.

Party attendees pose for a picture with magician, Danny Magic.

The crew at Señor Frog’s put on quite the show as well, with a fantastic DJ, who pumped out great dance tunes to the conga line, complete with multiple shot stations. It’s always great to see our friends, customers and partners kicking back and enjoying great conversation in a fun atmosphere.

After a fun few days in Vegas, the Avionte crew gets ready for the airport.

Friday morning’s flights came all too early. I understand that a few of our staff members didn’t even bother to go to bed. It’s Vegas; you can always sleep on the plane, right?!

We are grateful to all of our customers, vendor partners and prospects and are excited to see many of them again at ASA 2013 in Orlando. They truly made this a great show for us.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, from the Avionte team!

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