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Careers Page 2.0

Careers Page 2.0

64% of candidates consider career sites the most valuable resource when researching new opportunities; driving more hires than any other source.

COMPAS aims to provide an Applicant Tracking System that removes many of the burdens recruiters face by simplifying each facet of your recruiting process. The goal is to make a recruiter’s life easier; and nothing simplifies recruiting quite like attracting candidates directly to your jobs page. With that in mind, COMPAS has enhanced our careers pages to do just that.


What Makes a COMPAS Careers Page Unique?

The most notable benefit of a COMPAS powered careers page is that COMPAS offers the most flexible page on the market. They’re easier to style, configure, and make uniquely you. In addition to aesthetics, tracking and monitoring job postings and candidate applications is a breeze. COMPAS recognizes that each customer needs flexibility, and it is by embracing this notion that we have given you the power to designed your career page to ensure that you are enticing the best talent.


Better applicant experience. COMPAS has streamlined the application process by making it easier and faster for applicants to apply. Our friendlier applicant experience results in more candidates.


Pre-created themes.Not feeling particularly creative? Don’t have access to a web designer? No problem. Within the layout and styling editor, you can select from a variety of themes, and quickly apply to your site.


More configurable. COMPAS’ layout and styling editor gives you as much – or little – control over the look and feel of your page as you would like.


Mobile enabled. The responsive design means that candidates can apply at their convenience, directly from their mobile phone or tablet.


By giving you the power to personalize your page, you can create a seamless application process that suits the needs of your target candidates. With a COMPAS Careers Page, the talent comes to you.


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