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Our New CRM

Our New CRM

Nucleus Research found that those who utilize a CRM reported a 20% increase

in recruiting and hiring productivity.


Your database is a hub of companies and contacts that you have worked tirelessly to populate. In the past, sorting through this extensive repository of information was a laborious task, but not anymore! The COMPAS CRM has been redesigned to be faster and more intuitive, reducing the time you spend looking for information and increasing the time you spend recruiting talent.


A CRM That Powers Sales

A true CRM will limit the burden on sales by reducing the manual tasks associated with pipeline management. This is because a powerful CRM gives sales reps the information they need to successfully nurture each opportunity throughout the sales life cycle. In addition to a sales team benefit, management can utilize CRM data to monitor the performance of each sales rep. By being able to quickly pull pertinent performance metrics, managers can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses each rep possesses and assign leads accordingly.


Actionable and Insightful

Spearheading the CRM improvements was an enhanced user experience through actionable design. When you can easily locate, sort, and interact with your data, the sales and recruiting process significantly improves. This was the inspiration behind our header re-design. By creating calls to action, we have given users the power to easily transition between contacts, opportunities, activities/jobs, timesheets, org charts, sales activity, and tasks.


Our CRM is organized in tab format categorized by key areas of action so that at a glance, you can quickly locate the type of information that you need. Whether you need to identify contacts, search documents, manage organizational charts, view activities and jobs, read a company overview, review PO’s, access timesheets, etc. you can quickly jump to each section and get to work.


With eye-catching labels, our user-friendly CRM is not only faster, but is naturally intuitive so that you can quickly identify the information you need. The recruiting world moves fast, and the quicker you can view and access information, the better.


These enhancements have turned your CRM into a collaborative hub so that you and your team can effectively manage companies and tasks.


CRM’s are known to improve customer retention by as much as 27%. Why? Because it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is a new one and a CRM will help you continue to build relationships with your customers to keep them coming back (Source: Trackvia)


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