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Text Recruiting Enhancements

Text Recruiting Enhancements

Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate.


COMPAS offers integrating two-way text messaging to give recruiters the competitive edge of establishing instant communication with prospects and candidates to present job opportunities, keep candidates in the loop on the status of their application, confirm interviews, or simply to check-in. To make COMPAS SMS even more powerful, we have released two significant enhancements to our integrated text recruiting feature:


Mobile Texting

Through the COMPAS mobile application, all text conversations are automatically recorded to the COMPAS profiles of those whom you are corresponding with. No need to worry about tracking conversations or transcribing messages from your phone to your ATS, because, COMPAS has got you covered.


Call Forwarding

Each user has their own unique COMPAS text number which is great, until your contact decides to reply with a phone call. Now, users can setup call forwarding to have calls to their texting number forwarded to their personal phone or office line.


Unlike other applicant tracking systems – which require you to subscribe to a 3rd party SMS service – COMPAS two-way text messaging is built directly into our platform. This means that every text correspondence is immediately logged into the contacts COMPAS profile. There are no 3rd parties, no additional contracts, and no toggling between your SMS provider and applicant tracking system to log your text recruiting activity.


By giving users the ability to text candidates and hiring managers directly from your mobile device through our SMS app, whether you’re at your desk or running between meetings, engaging with candidates via text won’t miss a beat.


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