Enhanced Back Office 2.0

More Back Office Enhancements


COMPAS’s Back Office platform has been redesigned to optimize workflows and give management more insight into the successes of business operations. These new tools will increase the efficiency of your back office by reducing manual entry and accelerating the invoice / payables process.


Process Payroll & Create Invoices as Needed


Gone are the days of waiting for that last timecard to be approved. Now, you can process timecards and funnel the data to your payroll file on a per timecard basis. Through separating contractor timesheets and perm placement fees, you are afforded the convenience of being able to approve hours on a per timecard basis and/or process perm placement fees as soon as a direct hire starts on the job.


With custom billing cycles, invoice clients and payout contractors faster.


Mobile Timesheets


With ease in mind, COMPAS has redesigned our timesheet and attendance portal to keep your back office running smoothly. You will benefit from a streamlined timesheet process, quick expense approvals, and unified purchase order processing via COMPAS’ fully automated and mobile friendly Time & Attendance System.


Enhanced Reporting


COMPAS’real-time gross profit reporting gives you the power to easily view time and instantaneously approve timesheets. Being able to manage in parts – as opposed to all at once – guarantees that you will always stay on top of the payroll process. Manage your back office with confidence knowing that the reports you run and insight you are given is accurate and up-to-date.


Separate Invoicing Options


Newly placed candidates will live in the Perm Invoice Report once they are hired on the job, which allows you to process placement fees as they occur. The ability to separate perm placements from contractor timesheets eliminates the lag time between invoicing a permanent placement and processing contractor pay and invoicing.


With custom billing cycles, there is no invoicing scenario or client request that COMPAS’ Back Office 2.0 can’t handle.


VMS Tracking


Our VMS tracking feature gives your back-office team unrivaled insight into how much you’re spending on VMS by automatically subtracting vendor placement fees from the total invoice. The adjusted margins are shown as a line item on each invoice. This is a clear-cut way for you to see how much you’re spending on VMS services to give you more visibility into profit margins.


From front office capabilities to back office visibility, no competitor has as much functionality as COMPAS. With Back-office 2.0, teams can run independently and more efficiently. Reduce the time you spend processing payroll and invoicing clients and payout your workforce faster.