COMPAS Search 2.0

COMPAS Search 2.0 

The technology behind COMPAS Search 2.0 returns your results 63% faster.

COMPAS has reinvented our search technology to be faster, more precise, and the intelligence to dive deeper into the application to deliver better results. We’re pleased to introduce you to COMPAS Search 2.0.


What Makes COMPAS 2.0 Better

Speed and Relevancy. Users will experience blazingly fast and pinpoint accuracy. Our enhancements to the search technology returns results 63% faster.


Expanded Search Areas. COMPAS has expanded its ability to search beyond just resumes. Now when a query is run, relevant content from the notes from applicant activities and comments sections are included in the search results. This expanse on text search is extremely powerful for any phase of the recruiting cycle because it provides more relevant results based on what you’re searching for.


Enhanced Parsing Technology. Parsing technology now semantically extracts tags based on context, substance, intent and concept of items on the resume. Semantic parsing, also incorporates location, synonyms of terms, word variations and other natural language elements part of the resume.


Resumes are parsed into our database in an extremely searchable format to yield higher quality results. With the ability to better extract and compile resume data, search is greatly improved. Our parsing technology allows us to find candidates you meant to find.


With COMPAS Search 2.0 intelligent search you will benefit from faster and more relevant results, a more in-depth search functionality, and a faster recruiting experience.