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Integration with ZipRecruiter

Integration with ZipRecruiter


COMPAS + ZipRecruiter allows users to seamlessly post jobs to ZipRecruiter’s marketplace right from within COMPAS. This partnership markets to a broader audience of candidates and eliminates the administrative nightmare of having to post jobs from outside the COMPAS platform.


Additionally, we leverage ZipRecruiter’s optimized application process to reduce application times and increases candidate flow up to 5 times the normal rate.


Key Benefits

Discover Talent

ZipRecruiter’s database of more than 9M resumes not only gives you access to this immense talent pool, but with COMPAS, you can import top matches into your pipeline in a single click.


Better Candidate Experience

Job seekers benefit from a consistent application experience and eliminates the need to re-enter the same data every time they apply for a job.


Seamless Workflow

Manage your ZipRecruiter job postings directly from COMPAS.


Together with ZipRecruiter, we’ve bridged the gap between job seekers and your application process, resulting in a rich candidate experience of quality talent.


About ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is the fastest growing employment marketplace. We have helped over 1 million businesses and 100 million job seekers find their next perfect match through partnerships with the best job boards on the web, curated email alerts, award-winning mobile apps, and the world’s best search algorithm for jobs.


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