3 Ways Sourcing Automation Can Improve Recruiters’ Time Management

By: Brian Vesce, President of  COMPAS, an Avionté Business

Recruiting processes can be littered with redundant tasks and is often supported by archaic tools. This will require a recruiter to consistently multitask, which ultimately leads to poor utilization of time. 

Over the last 10 years, COMPAS, an Avionté Business, has been studying how recruiters manage their time and today we still see the same inefficiencies.

When evaluating a recruiter’s day, we bucket his/her activities into the following categories: prospecting, data entry and candidate engagement.

A typical recruiter will spend 50% of their day prospecting for talent, 40% of their day performing the data entry and only 10% of their day engaging with talent.

This shows recruiters spend the least amount of time on the most valuable activities. These traditional recruiting practices are destroying productivity, where it is taking an average 52 days to fill a vacant position.

There are several ways to rebalance activities by leveraging automation. Here are three ways you can leverage automation:

1. Sourcing Automation

There are high volume candidate search tools that sort through thousands of resumes across a multitude of job boards (CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, Monster, etc.). These determine which candidates are the best fit for your recruiting positions. These tools will search and find candidate matches from within your ATS and are fully automated. This eliminates the amount of time you spend searching manually.

2. Automate the Screening

Recruiting platforms with job distribution features can attract large volumes of quality talent. Manually going through the talent can be time consuming and often lead to overlooking the right candidate.

This process can be further refined by leveraging automated screening and assessment tools. Recruiters gain insight about the candidates that scored the highest during their application process.

3. Automate the Matching of Talent Recruiters that Already Have Access

Platforms today may leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning that gives recruiters a competitive edge by providing recommendations on talent that companies have access to and previously engaged. Most recruiting organizations have a vast inventory of talent but accessing that talent when you need it can be difficult.

  • Today we are seeing platforms that will automatically present viable candidates upon opening a position; thus, saving hours of searching.
  • When a recruiter is reviewing a talent profile, recommendations will be made on similar talent. This is often used to reverse searching talent. For example, when they open a new role, recruiters will leverage a known employee in that role that has been successful. 
  • When viewing a candidate’s profile, platforms are making recommendations on open positions with the agency. This will allow recruiters to navigate conversations clearly and speak confidently about their open roles that may be a fit for the candidate.
  • Lastly, the automation of intelligent notifications has proven to be very effective. These notifications are sent to the recruiter responsible for specific roles suggesting candidates that are good fits.

Automation is a cost-effective alternative to hiring more people, which will improve recruiting productivity and the bottom line.

By freeing up 65% of recruiters’ time and significantly reducing their regular administrative tasks, your business will start to see meaningful ROI in three to six months. If you start leveraging automation to improve performance, you can start to see improved processes and increased bottom line.

About Brian Vesce

Brian Vesce is the President of COMPAS Technology, an Avionté Business, and is responsible for overseeing many facets of the company. Brian’s passion for creating the best recruiting tools in the market stems from his recruiting background. His career started in the recruiting industry at TEK systems and later went on start Cypress Human Capital Management.

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