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Avionté is dedicated to helping you improve your applicant tracking, so you can spend more time engaging with potential candidates and finding the right match for your clients. As an ATS software company, Avionté is dedicated to improving the tools that help companies find the right talent – every time.

From our Chrome plug-in, Echo, to our candidate sourcing tool, Spotlight, Avionté offers applicant tracking options for a wide range of needs and businesses.

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Build your talent pipeline with our simple, yet powerful candidate sourcing software plug-in for Chrome. Easily parse and import candidates, companies, and contacts from the most popular professional networks (LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc.) directly into our system.

Install Echo in your Chrome browser, then search your preferred professional networks online. The extension makes it easy to build your CRM’s candidate pool and get in touch with potential employees once you spot promising talent.

With the Echo extension, you can easily import information from the following professional networking sites:

·       Indeed

·       LinkedIn

·       Monster

·       CareerBuilder

·       Behance

·       Crunchbase

·       Dice

·       AngelList

·       DiscoveryOrg

·       ZoomInfo

Echo allows you to import information from these sites directly into your CRM, allowing you to engage with promising talent more quickly and efficiently. Applicant tracking, in turn, becomes easier.

Sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and the others listed here are full of passionate, dedicated candidates, but finding the right fit for your team can be difficult. Echo streamlines the process, allowing you to spend more time connecting with candidates to find the right fit.


Do you want to leverage the benefits of access to millions of job-seekers without the overwhelming task of sorting through them by hand – and import them directly into your CRM with a single click?  Spotlight is a candidate sourcing tool that aggregates thousands of resumes across multiple job boards (Careerbuilder, Dice, Indeed, Monster, etc.) and locates candidates that are the best fit for your positions.

Spotlight coordinates with other ATS software options from Avionté to help you access talent worldwide without becoming buried in an avalanche of applications. The software does the work of exploring sites like Careerbuilder, Dice, Indeed, and Monster to find candidates whose skills and experience offer the right fit for your open positions. Spotlight then sends this information directly to your applicant tracking tools, so you can reach out to the most promising candidates right away.

Spotlight also offers a great way to reach “passive” candidates who may not be actively seeking a job, but will embrace a transition to the right position and company. By identifying individuals on LinkedIn and similar sites with the right skills and abilities, Spotlight allows you to build connections with already-engaged professionals who may be happy to work with your firm.

Combined with Avionté’s powerful search tools, Spotlight takes the heavy lifting out of finding job seekers and passive candidates. Build your candidate pool with top talent – all from one system, offered by our ATS software company.

Technological disruption is changing the way many industries work, and staffing is no exception. By choosing the right applicant tracking tools and other technological support, your recruiters can automate routine tasks, streamline and sort information, and spend more time and energy focused on building the relationships necessary to find the right fit for any position. Reach out to an ATS software company like Avionté today to start exploring your options.

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