Streamline Your Candidate Management Process

As a recruiter, your daily schedule can be grueling.
Why make your work life more complicated?

With Avionté’s Recruiting Management Software, you’ll have everything you need to capture, find and place the best talent – ensuring success as a recruiter. With fewer clicks and a streamlined workflow, you’ll spend less time entering data and more time recruiting.

Automate Your Daily Workflows, Be More Efficient

The Avionté Recruiter Module is cloud-based recruiting management software that allows you to streamline every part of your day. From finding the best talent to fill a job order to advanced Boolean searching and fast, effective resume parsing – you’ll have an array of candidates at your fingertips.

  • Easily keep in touch with talent on the go – whether in the office or at a job fair, you can access your Avionté data no matter what device you’re using
  • Quickly find and match talent to job orders through Boolean search, dynamic filters and relevancy indicators.
  • Gather the information you need from talent up front, then qualify as needed with additional tasks sent directly from Avionté.
  • Improve your workflows through automated processes and fewer clicks.

Grow Your Talent Pool Quickly and Easily

With SEO-optimized job postings and job boards, an integration with the top search engine leader and a seamless apply experience, you’ll have talent coming to you. By giving talent an easy way to apply to your open positions, you’ll grow your talent pool without a lot of extra work on your end.

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