Flexibility to Suit Your Unique Needs

With Avionté’s Talent Module staffing agency software, talent will come to you. Through configurable application workflows, you’ll have complete control over the information you gather to fit your unique business needs. Whether you need a short, mobile-optimized application requesting only a few personal information fields, or a job-specific application with qualifying questions – you have the flexibility to create, customize and edit as needed. Not to mention, talent will have a seamless candidate experience, all the way from searching for your open positions, to hitting submit on their application.

Avionté Job Board Module showing available job postings and integrated social media.

Optimized to Increase Your Candidate Inflow

There’s no question about it – the market is candidate-led. As a staffing organization, you’re left wondering how to run your business while meeting their needs. The Talent Module is industry-leading staffing agency software that makes it easy – by providing the tools that create a streamlined process making it easy to get more talent into your database and quickly and easily qualify them for placement.

  • Device-agnostic approach means talent can apply on their terms – anytime, anywhere from any device.
  • Multiple Application Workflows give you the flexibility to configure short applications to get talent in the door.
  • Workflow-specific, paperless onboarding allows a streamlined candidate management process that allows you to collect additional onboarding items from talent while ensuring your application is still optimized for mobile devices.

Consistent Branding, Improved Candidate Experience

With our online staffing software, talent will have a seamless user experience going through your application process. From finding an open position on your website to applying to one of your jobs through your Avionté job boards, everything can be configured to your brand standards to ensure a consistent brand throughout the application process.

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