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Able’s robust integration with Avionté is a REST based API integration with real-time, automatic sync. What that means is that there is no more waiting for data. It will always be right at your fingertips in the Avionte platform. Plus, there’s no need to export and import from one system to another, saving you time and headaches.

Avionte and Able


Key data and documents, from state and federal tax information to WOTC data to direct deposit information and beyond are mapped back to Avionte in real-time and candidate records are always up-to-date. Data doesn’t need to be entered into multiple systems, reducing human error and streamlining processes.


I-9 management is fully integrated and fully remote. There is now a simple and compliant way to complete Sections 1 & 2 of Form I-9 with out-of-the-box tools via a single, simple interface.


Don’t waste time on busywork: automate the processes that stand in the way of getting to work. Give your team 40% of their day back by consolidating and automating workflows — from the most straightforward to the diabolically complex — with a single piece of software that integrates seamlessly with Avionte.

Able’s onboarding automation platform integrates directly with Avionte, creating a more integrated candidate experience across platforms.