ADP Strategic Partner

Close the Compliance Gap by identifying, securing and maximizing the tax credits for which your business may be eligible with ADP’s end-to-end service and turnkey operation. Streamlined experience for applicants, for a quick, easy and complete response. Convenient applicant screening anywhere with support for mobile smart devices and tablets. Adaptable workflow that integrates with virtually any hiring process. Intelligent WOTC analytics that provide proactive insights for improved WOTC program management. Secure platform that safeguards sensitive applicant data.

Enhance Your Applicant Experience 

Deliver a faster, easier experience for applicants that makes it quick and easy for them to respond to screening questions, including mobile smart phone or tablet input. 



Maximize Your WOTC Credit Opportunity 

Helps ensure that WOTC tax credit opportunities do not fall through the cracks by leveraging screening, follow-up and tracking tools, along with built-in analytics to deliver insights and further optimize results. 

Leverage Your Existing Systems & Processes 

Make WOTC tax credit capture a seamless part of your existing process with support for virtually any kind of hiring process. 

Make it Simple for Your Staff 

Provide a nearly hands-off experience for your staff to collect applicant data, along with activity notifications and automatic reminders to simplify monitoring and management. 

Identify, capture and maximize tax credits and incentives.