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Choice Screening and Avionté have created an easy-to-use integration for background screening and hiring services. Easily order Choice Screening’s accredited and compliant background checks through Avionte’s Staffing and Recruiting Software. Applicant information is automatically populated into the background check request saving you time and eliminating data entry errors. View background check products and reports as they are completed, and status updates all in real time.

ServiceChoice Screening is Accredited through the PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) and has over 15 years’ experience. Our turnaround times are some of the best in the industry at 24-72 hours, all while retaining an industry-leading accuracy rate of 99.99%. Customer service is a top priority and is demonstrated through quick responses, personalized attention, customizable solutions, client education, and clear communication. We never outsource and can always be reached instantly via phone or email. At Choice Screening you ALWAYS talk to a human. 

Choice Screening + Avionté Integration

Choice Screening and Avionte Online Consent Form

TechnologyChoice Screening’s Tech Development Team creates and maintains state-of-the-art technology and proprietary software which creates effective solutions for clients. Customize your background checks with package specific and location specific processing instructions. Utilize our hiring matrix to create perimeters to identify and flag information found on the report. The Choice IT Team protects PII with compliance features built-in as automatic safeguards.

ComplianceChoice Screening is proud to be FCRA Compliant and is BSCC-Accredited. The Background Screening Industry is complicated and teeming with regulations which makes it difficult to navigate. Choice Screening’s in-house Director of Compliance monitors industry changes, news, and regulations. Solutions are created to help clients remain compliant. The Choice Screening Online Consent Form is complimentary, FCRA compliant, and includes all the necessary disclosures. Easily send mandatory adverse action letters directly from the background screening report with our adverse action letter services.

Choice Screening and Avionte Order Example

Choice Screening and Avionte Background Screening Report

Education: Whether explaining and comparing products or communication of compliance laws, Choice Screening’s team of experts are committed to educating our clients. Dedicated account executives provide thorough training on the app, industry regulations, and background screening. Background Screening regulations and FCRA compliance changes are monitored by our Compliance team and communicated accordingly. The Choice Screening blog and social media channels house a wealth of information including news, product announcements, industry updates, background screening education, and more.  

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